Your Favorite Flower Says A Lot About You!

Personality Test. Pick the flower you think best represents you – each flower has a specific meaning and will uncover something special about you.

Your Favorite Flower Says A Lot About You!

Personality Test. Flowers are one of the most beautiful and symbolic things in nature. They are messengers of love, mourning, friendship and longing but they are also capable of showing us the deepest secrets of our personality.

Look at the picture below and pick the flower you think best represents you – each flower has a specific meaning and will uncover something special about you.


1 – Rare, One-of-a Kind

Choosing an orchid represents a rare beauty within you, symbolic of luxury, virility and rare splendor. You are affectionate and mature, sophisticated and have a compassionate side to you that others admire. You walk and talk gracefully and have good self-restraint and patience. Orchids represent a loving personality and you like to find the beauty in others. You may spend a lot of time in the mirror because you like to look your best and dress nice. Being pampered is heavenly for you and you are likely to do some form of self-care every week, such as getting your nails, hair, and skin care or tanning, etc. done. You are naturally attractive on the inside and out.

2 – Prosperous

If you chose peonies, you have chosen a symbol of money and good fortune. Lovers of this flower are sure to have a prosperous outlook and seek affluence and success. Some countries give this flower the highest regard as a symbol of nobility and affluence. You see yourself as royalty and may naturally be an entrepreneur or person of a prominent professional career and power position. You are compassionate towards others, but there is a vindictive side to you if any enemies come your way. You do not seek any harm but are not afraid to be assertive if someone wrongs you. In relationships, you are destined to have a happy, fulfilling marriage.

3 – Cautious

Your personality is fairly reserved, either because you have been hurt in the past or because you have a natural tendency to protect yourself from harmful people and circumstances. You have an inner beauty and may be slightly introverted; less open to social situations. There are many sides to you and you have a complex personality that only a few people can understand or empathize with. Even if your family is broken, it is your true desire to have a happy, well-rounded family and to live life to the fullest.

4 – Simplistic

You are simply wonderful and easy to please. Like a favorite t-shirt that fits just right, you represent comfort and coziness in many ways. People feel safe and loved around you. You have a great listening ear and offer a shoulder to cry on when other people have problems and need someone to listen. You are not too flashy or flamboyant, there is nothing outstanding that would make someone notice you, but you are appreciated as being beautiful, kind, a delight to be around and a true friend to anyone who is lucky to make your acquaintance. You are the staple of your family and the person others rely on the most, which can be demanding at times. But you wouldn’t have it any other way.

5 – Patient

It takes a lot to rattle your cage. You have a natural tolerance for others and are considered very patient, perhaps even soft-spoken and unobtrusive. You like to keep busy and prefer to be doing some kind of activity, rather than just doing nothing. You like to keep occupied and are not lazy. You are a social person and like joining groups or participating in events with the company of other people. As a parent, you are a good role model and sympathetic to diversity.

6 – Fascinating

Sometimes, it may feel as though you have lived many lives and been reincarnated several times and through many different eras. Your innate wisdom and depth bears significance with those you meet. People see you as a loving person with a strength that is unwavering. It takes a lot to get you mad and you are admired by many people. However, you are a proud person and love to express your romantic side with the one(s) you love.

The carnation is a symbol of deep, pure love, capriciousness and good luck, so if you chose this flower you are likely to have a good life in store for you.

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