Pick A Lotus To Get Advice About Your Current Situation

Psychology test. Discover the wisdom of the lotus and gain valuable guidance for your current situation. Pick a lotus and receive insightful advice today!

Pick A Lotus To Get Advice About Your Current Situation

Psychology test: below is an image of six kinds of lotus flowers.

Take a moment to really look at each one and figure out which one you are drawn to the most.

Which one catches your eye the most? Does one stand out to you more than the rest? If so, look below to figure out what it might hold for you.

Lotus 1

When this lotus strikes you the most, the situation before you is much more difficult than you thought. It is important now to stay as calm as possible. If you explode and let your true emotions show, it seems the right thing is not the moment. The more you go, the better.

Remember that it is sometimes better to let go of what is bothering you than to give strength to those who make you suffer. As hard as it sounds, you are strong and can handle everything. Do not forget to stop and breathe.

Lotus 2

There is a good chance that if this lotus is really calling you, you have to make sure you think carefully. A reckless action will cause you serious problems in the coming weeks. There will be people trying to get you out of it, and focusing on yourself will take you much further than making everyone happy.

Think about your financial situation and improve the areas you need. You may feel really out of place right now, but finding stability will help you a lot. You may not think that you are as good, but you are much better than people close to you.

Lotus 3

Of course, your heart hurts you because of something you can not do, but this lotus is meant to be a reminder and not a reason to turn yourself into a victim. Spend your time before you tackle the problems and get out of your shell. You will heal over time; everything that has happened in your life will not last forever.

You may be able to return to the next few weeks and realize that you are one of the best fighters in the world. Removing toxic people from your life will be of great benefit to you. Stop enjoying your kindness to people who do not interest you.

Lotus 4

Your life has been a wreck lately; if you noticed this lotus, you know it well. You feel irritable and can not move forward. Do not hide; there is no reason to fear the thoughts of others.

When you feel like you are doing it, you have to do the opposite of what you would normally do. Instead of going into sadness, you should try to create new memories and establish more important relationships. Spend time with the people who matter most to you and see where things are going.

Lotus 5

Your life is pretty good now; even if you do not like where you are, you’re still making good progress. As the days go by, you should be grateful to those around you. The more time you spend with the people who matter to you, the better.

When you slow down and take a moment to really relax, you can relax. They have been revised more than usual in recent times, and it shows. There is nothing wrong with taking a break if you feel that you need it.

Lotus 6

Your emotional scars are deeper than you want to admit, and you must overcome that. The problems in your head are difficult in your life, and you have to solve them. Perhaps it would be advantageous for you to look for a new source.

For the moment, you do not feel like yourself and if you work to find your roots, there will be huge changes. Stop being so scared, step into the unknown and give yourself a chance to prosper. The things you are currently experiencing can not be torn apart if you do not allow them.