The Place You Like The Most Reveals What You Are Missing At The Moment

What is missing in your life for your complete happiness? Find out.

The Place You Like The Most Reveals What You Are Missing At The Moment

Because of our constant work, we have less and less free time.

There is a reason for this. We have to earn money to live and we have cast aside the fun and diverse hobbies to the bottom of our priorities. But because of this indifference, life sometimes punishes us. It all comes down to that moment that we feel sad and long for those fun and happy times.

That is why you need to pause and think: What is missing in your life for your complete happiness?

Just pick the picture that first caught your eye and find what you are missing!


1 – Sitting in a park:

If you chose the first option, you lost contact with someone. You may not have spoken to a close friend for a long time. Maybe it’s time to open the heart to that close friend, to have a tea or a good white wine together. We think it’s time for you to call that person. Rekindling that friendship is what you are missing at the moment.

2 – Path in the Forest:

You need changes! Maybe it’s time to freshen up your wardrobe or change something inside you. Or do what inspires good vibes and what makes you happy. For example, learning a new language or doing art, sports, outdoor activities like hiking or cycling or whatever you want, just change something to get out of the same old routine you have.

3 – Coffee with beautiful view:

In your life, the adventures and the fun are missing. Maybe it’s worth getting up and going to the city of your dreams or maybe jump with a parachute or bungee jump. Yes, you have certainly not been engaged for long with what you love. You should not deprive yourself of some joy.

4 – Mountain refuge:

You are so tired and you need to rest. You need to be alone for a while. An ideal option would be to go to a cozy place for a week, where you don’t know anyone and listen to the birds, the flow of water or see the rainbow. It will calm your nerves and give you strength.

5 – Lake:

You need freedom. Go where your heart and your dreams lead you. Give yourself a moment and do not think about anything, enjoy the breeze and the warm wind.

6 – Comfortable Patio:

You just need a system, order, a plan and just go forward without deviation. Plan your time, morning gymnastics, breakfast, lunch, sleep … etc. Your work has taken over your daily routines and it’s time to take your free time back.

7 – Lighthouse:

It seems you have not dreamed of anything for a long time. Think of a dream and do everything that is necessary, to bring it to reality. Just keep in mind that the road on which you drive will be difficult and rocky, patience is necessary.

8 – In the sun near the sea:

You need a holiday like your life depends on it. Your work has taken over your life and you haven’t had a proper beach vacation in a long time. You need the sun and the sea water to rebuild your energy so that you can rest and recover the strength and brainpower you used to have, but has been missing from your life lately.

source zen-magazine