Positive Affirmations for Abundance, Success And Happiness

Say these powerful affirmations to unlock your highest potential and start your journey to abundance, happiness and success.

Positive Affirmations for Abundance, Success And Happiness


Joy is my birthright.

Abundance is my birthright.

Love is my birthright.

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I release my belief

that I always have to fight

or struggle in order to achieve

something in my life.

I allow the natural abundance

of everything in the Universe

to flow freely into my life.


I succeed in everything I do,

because I believe in myself.


I feel positive,

this is how I cultivate good luck.


I let my pure light shine

through the mirror of my life

and everything as a reflection

of my Inner Light comes to me

in beauty and happiness.


Everything I desire is

abundantly available in the Universe.

I give permission to the Universe

to deliver to me all that I wish for.


I am successful.

I achieve my goals effortlessly

because my positive motivation

drives me toward my goals.


I stop living in the prison of ego

with feelings of guilt.

I have the courage to be happy.

I have the courage to be myself.

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I trust myself.

I succeed in everything I do.

I succeed in Life without effort.


Nobody has the power

to make me feel unhappy,

unless I give them that power.


I have the wisdom to deal

with any situation that comes up.

I always keep the focus

on my power to succeed.

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I stop seeking happiness.

I accept myself for who I am,

I accept my life for what it is

and happiness spontaneously comes.


My heart is an endless spring

of bliss and joy.

I go there to refresh, purify

and make myself happy.

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Mental noise: "I’m not smart/attractive/successful"

The time has come to attract into your life all of the wonderful things you dream of and that you deserve.
"I succeed in everything I do."
"I am love."
"I dare to live my dreams."
"I give myself permission to be happy."

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