God created the Angels to help and assist us all along our life journey. They are the most important gift God has given us.

In His immense Love, God has given us Angels to stand by our side, protect us, comfort us, encourage and help us live the life we were born for - a life of happiness and prosperity.

With the Angels' help, we can receive health, protection, abundance and blessings of any kind. With the Angels' help, we can manifest all our dreams and make them true.

By praying to the Angels, we can manifest the reality we desire.

Prayer for Faith and Miracles

Dear Angel,

When I feel powerless, when I feel hopeless, when I feel weak, please, remind me that even with a bit of faith, as small as a mustard seed, I can move mountains. Help me release fears, doubts, and restrictive beliefs so that I may embody the spiritual power within myself.

Cleanse me from any self-limitation and make me a generous and powerful miracle worker. Purify me so that I may let the light of the Divine shine in my life and throughout my life.

Offer me the confidence I need to go forth so that I may see the miracles that arise from believing and trusting.


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Prayer For A Blessed Day

Dear Angel,

Please help me greet this day with gratitude and a positive attitude. Help me focus my first thoughts of the day on the good that I already have in my life. Remind me that I am immensely blessed and fill my heart with thankfulness for the gift of life. Pour your grace into me so that only good things may come my way today. Make me feel complete, wealthy, satisfied, and blessed. Dear Angel, please, infuse me with the joy of being alive and inspire me to go through my day with my heart overflowing with bliss, serenity, and gratitude.


Prayer to Boost Positivity

Dear Angel,

Please help me constantly monitor my thoughts and free them from negativity. Clear my mind from confusion and fear, and align me with positivity. Do not allow any harmful and disempowering thoughts to cloud my mind. Clear the old belief systems that no longer serve me.

Help me stay focused on achieving my purpose in life. Lead me not to waste my mental energies on anything that doesn't contribute to my growth. Aid me in becoming a better person daily as you walk by my side.

Give me the mindset and skills to remove any limiting belief that prevents me from setting powerful goals and achieving my dreams. Guide me to overcome the mind pattern of being a worrier and make me a believer.


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Prayer to Attract Blessings

Dear Angel,

Please, help me be positive so that I may attract blessings in my life. Don't let me dwell on dark, negative thoughts. I call upon you to release into the light any negative thought, lower vibration of negativity, fear, and anxiety.

Please, help me be confident so that I may tap into the power of positivity. Let me see the benefits of every situation, even when negativity surrounds me. Raise my vibration. Help me release everything that blocks the flow of blessings into my life.

Every time a negative thought pops into my mind, please, help me replace it with a positive one. May your pure angelic energy surround me, flow through me and guide me to create a positive, fulfilled, blessed life.


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The Angels are just waiting for you to invite them into your world, and the best way to ask and receive help from the Angels is through the power of Prayer. The Angels are listening!

The power of Prayer knows no limits, and there's nothing the Angels cannot do for you. Through the power of Prayer, you put your Angels at work, wonderful things begin to happen, and miracles become normality!

So say a prayer to the Angels right now and start living a miraculous life!

Dear Angel... Prayers for Healing Miracles, Protection, Guidance, and Financial Blessings

Through the power of these Prayers, you put your Angels at work, wonderful things begin to happen, and miracles become normality!


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