Since time immemorial, humans longed for spoilers.

In Mesopotamia, diviners examined drops of water in oil to try and get a glimpse of the future. In medieval Europe, the curious consulted prognostic “dream alphabets” that assigned each letter a prediction that could be used to interpret dreams. During China’s Shang Dynasty, fortune-tellers used turtle shells to counsel rulers on what lay ahead.

These days, fortune-tellers, psychics, and clairvoyants are still popular worldwide. People go to see psychists looking for answers ‘out of the box’. However, the science of prediction is pretty hard to get right consistently. Even the “world’s best psychics” are only right about 40 or 50 percent of the time. Some people think that Tarot readings are about as serious as a 30-day weather report.

However, many people forget an important thing: predictions are meant for receiving guidance, not ‘specific’ instructions.

Psychics reading cannot be taken literally. It’s more about the interpretation of signs and perceptions. As for Astrology, Psychic Reading has to be taken at a spiritual level. It cannot be measured at a ‘scientific’ level. It goes way beyond this.

When visiting a psychic for the first time, many people have the expectation they are going to get word-for-word instructions on how to handle at a practical level certain aspects of their lives. A new job, a relationship, or a financial issue. That is not the most appropriate approach. Readings are about insights, guidance, empowerment, and support.

Psychics readings help people ’see’ what their subconscious is trying to tell them, be it through signs or precognition.

But ultimately, it is always up to us to make decisions about our future, and a psychics reading can add an extra level of understanding of what’s ahead of us.

The whole philosophy of psychic reading is based on inner wisdom and the consciousness that we are the masters of ourselves. The path to a better life is just ahead of us, but the first step begins within ourselves. So it is not important if a prediction is timely accurate or not. It’ a foreseeing vision of something that will manifest sooner or later, also depending on how ready we are to embrace the future and make changes. There is sufficient scientific evidence to suggest that our body ‘detects’ and reacts to certain events before they occur and that we all express some form of precognition (the so-called sixth sense…).

A final question arises: can we truly change our destiny, or is our path predetermined?

Psychic readings help us overcome the understanding of the future through our rational minds. We cannot truly foresee our future only through our rational minds. This is why some psychotherapists use tarot cards in their therapeutic work. Through a psychic reading, ideas come up and we give meaning to those ideas through our subconscious mind (because the ‘rational mind’ cannot process these kinds of information as it works only at an on-and-off level).

If, for example, during a psychic reading you pull the “Death" card, at a rational level you might be feel utterly scared of what might happen to you or to a loved one. But a death sign it's actually more of a representation of transformation -- a symbolic death, related to letting go of the old and to be reborn to a new, more enlightened life. Death signs are more related to rebirth than to death itself, thankfully…Also dream symbols are important: find out why in this article  and use those ‘insights’ to make better choices for our future.

This allows us to use those ‘insights’ to make better choices for our future.

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