The Cosmic Fairy You Like The Most Reveals What You Are Attracting Into Your Life

Your favorite cosmic fairy tells what kind of energy you are really attracting into your life right now.

The Cosmic Fairy You Like The Most Reveals What You Are Attracting Into Your Life

Take this psychological test of personality to discover what you are attracting into your life!

The idea of fairies has permeated both Celtic mythology and modern-day fiction, yet when most people think of the Good Folk, they automatically think of Disney’s ‘Tinker Bell.’

There were many different beliefs concerning fairies. Peasant traditions said they were fallen angels who were neither good enough to be saved nor bad enough to be lost.

Different beliefs and folk memories have no doubt merged, but when all this is sifted and evaluated there remains a body of tradition and testimony, even today, of an elusive ghostly order of life on the borderland of mind and matter, usually depicted in the natural setting of wild and lonely places.

These elemental (and sometimes tricky) creatures can be messengers of spiritual guidance- if you know how to look out for them.

Choose a cosmic fairy from the picture below, and we’ll tell you about your personality, and what kind of energy you are really attracting into your life right now.



If you choose…

1. The Red Fairy

You’re a very serious, and energetic person, but you are also loving and sensitive to the feelings of others. However, other people might not know that about you unless they are very close to you, personally. You come off as the type who is strong and resilient, no matter what. But underneath that tough exterior, you are as soft as they come. Heck, even some movies can make you cry.

You attract: Communication and intuition.

Your life is full of moments that could be called “I told you so” moments. You constantly have people ask you for advice, and even though it would be easier to tell them what they want to hear…you give the brutal truth.

2. The Yellow Fairy

You have a free spirit and you love nature. Whether it is the beach, the mountains, or even the local park, you absolutely adore being surrounded by natural beauty. It appeals to your introverted side to be away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and find solace among the trees. You tend to let people get in your head more than you should, which is why you enjoy getting away from other humans.

You attract: Growth and patience.

Right now your life is in a transitional period and you are not one who is fond of change. Allow things to flow, and stop resisting the tide.

3. The Blue Fairy

You’re kind, adventurous, and loud at times. But it’s just because you like to have fun and are always laughing, right? Your the kind of person who enjoys a good joke, even if it is at your own expense. Sarcasm has gotten you into a few predicaments, but your charming personality manages to get you out of trouble every time. Your perfect evening is filled with good friends, a bonfire on the beach, and millions of stars in the sky.

You attract: Challenges and understanding.

Well you like adventures so much you might as well have a life full of them that appear in unexpected ways. “Murphy’s Law” might be your new favorite phrase. But unlike most people who would become easily frustrated with all the chaos, you handle it with grace. Life gives you these challenges so you can understand the bigger picture. And it seems like you are almost there.

4. The Purple Fairy

You are a thoughtful and quiet individual who tends to overthink things. This can cause problems in your life- many of which weren’t problems before you turned them into one. You are concerned about the wellbeing and happiness of others. Your friends will tell you though, you should also spend some time on yourself. Take some R&R for you and reconnect with the person inside- the one you like (and miss).

You attract: Opportunity and knowledge.

It’s time to put that big brain of yours to use. Opportunity is knocking and you better answer the door. You’ve been wanting some security in your life and if you pay attention to the lessons life is offering you, you will have exactly what you want.

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