Take This Psychological Test and Discover Your Inner Self

It’s no wonder people have been doing this psycho-dynamic test for quite a few decades in order to discover their inner subconscious loves, desires and fears.

Take This Psychological Test and Discover Your Inner Self

Our subconscious is the gateway to the divine all-knowingness.

Your subconscious mind is incredibly powerful and holds the key to transforming reality in a big way to eliminate hidden mental and emotional blockages.

So, it’s no wonder people have been doing this psycho-dynamic test for quite a few decades in order to discover their inner subconscious loves, desires and fears.


If you want to do this test correctly, you will need to rely on your imagination. You can close your eyes between the parts of the test and imagine the picture in your head as vividly as you can. The best way to do this is to write down your answers so you don’t forget them. Mark down the first image that appears in your head. However, be careful not to overanalyze them to get a more accurate result.

The Forest

Imagine that you’ve suddenly found yourself in a forest. You’re walking down a path that winds its way through the trees.

Photo by Gustav Gullstrand / Unsplash

Question 1: Look at the trees around you. Are they organized in a pattern or are they just thrown around chaotically without any patterns?

Question 2: Is it night or day?

Question 3: Is the path wide, narrow, much frequented or hardly seen?

The Key

A person holding a key with the word “fearless” etched on it
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You continue walking on the path when you suddenly spot a key lying on the ground.

Question 4: What does the key look like? Is it big, small, old or new? What does it unlock?

Question 5: Do you take the key with you or leave it there?

The Bear

You continue your journey when you see a bear approaching. Try to freeze the image in your mind and then look at it.


Question 6: Is the bear friendly, or does it want to attack you? Are you afraid?

Question 7: How big is the bear?

The Urn

After the bear has vanished into the woods, you go on with your journey. The next thing you come across is an urn standing in the middle of the road.


Question 8: What is the urn made of?

Question 9: As you’re inspecting the urn, do you find something inside? What is it?

The House

You pass the urn and the road continues for a while, ending at a house.


Question 10: What does the house look like? Is it big or small?

Once you go into the house, you hear a man talking incoherently. He sounds deranged. He keeps screaming at you to unlock the door and let him out. Even though he sounds really insane, he’s pleading with you to open the door.

Question 11: Do you open the door?


Out of nowhere, everything becomes white. You’re no longer on the road or anywhere. Everything is just white and featureless, and you don’t even know where you are. You walk and nothing changes. You try to shout for help, but no one hears you. No matter what you do or how long you do it, everything stays the same.


Question 12: What do you do? Do you just give up and stay in the same place? Or do you continue exploring and try to figure out what’s happening even though nothing succeeds? How long will you keep trying without any results?

Congratulations! You’ve successfully finished your psychological test. Below you will find the explanation for your answers.

The Forest

The forest symbolizes your inner world, inextricably intertwined with your past as a child and your present as an adult.

Question 1: If you saw organized trees that means you are too. You long for logic and order in yourself, even if you can’t always get it. A chaotic pattern of trees could mean that these things aren’t that important to you, and you’re more focused on the essence of things instead of how they are presented.

Question 2: Since the forest also represents your childhood, the choice between light and dark shows how you view that period in your life. Either in a positive or negative light. It may also relate to your present situation of optimism vs. pessimism. A sunny forest may indicate that you find yourself in a positive place or view your childhood in a positive light. On the other hand, darkness signifies that you experience a lot of fear currently or view your childhood in a more frightening or darker way.

Question 3: The path is simply the path you’re following. If the path is wide and clear, it means you’re certain in what you’re doing and where you’re going. You have clearly-defined plans. If the path is narrow, hardly traveled or dark, it may indicate hesitation, fear of the unknown and the future, or just a preference for not knowing what the future holds.

The Key

The key is a symbol of your desires for work or yourself. It represents a promise or a threat, something unknown which could either be the gate to your dreams or perhaps it opens something you’d rather remain locked.

Question 4: How old the key is may be a sign of how old your dream is. An ornamental key may mean opening up treasures and unknown goods you yearn to possess. An ancient key might mean that you long for some treasure or something surprising to change your life. The larger the key is, the more wishes you have from it and hope it will bring you. As a contrast, a smaller key means smaller unfulfilled desires or more practical aims. And a modern key may mean that your desires are fairly recent.

Question 5: Whether you take the key with you or leave it behind, tells us is it signifies a desire or a threat to you. If you want to keep some things hidden, a key might be a threat, so you would leave it. And if your desires overcome your fears, you will pick it up and take it with you.

The Bear

The bear represents your challenges and problems in life.

Question 6: The more threatening the bear, the more worries you have about your problems. If the bear is lashing out with its claws and sharp teeth, if it’s running at you with rage and anger, it might mean that you view your problems as invincible and scary.

If the bear is just walking in the woods, you probably don’t think your problems are a large threat and can be solved. If the bear acts friendly, you might feel like you will come out victorious when it comes to your problems.

Question 7: The size of the bear is directly related to how big you believe your problems to be.

The Urn

The Urn is usually a symbol of your ancestors. It may represent your parents, grandparents or the level of connection you feel to the previous generations.

Question 8: If you imagined the urn as large, the connection you feel towards your parents or the generations that came before you, have a large role in your life, and vice versa if it is small. The material it is made of may mean how removed you feel from them, while a new modern urn may mean they’re still relevant to you in the present.

Question 9: Whatever is in the urn signifies whatever you feel you have in connection with these previous generations. If you don’t see anything in the urn, that means that although you appreciate the connection, you do not feel it has much to offer them now.

Some people see water in it, and even drink it, which means they can still gain something from these connections. Water also symbolizes change and it increases the relevance of the urn to you.

To those who see sand, the urn still has relevance but not much. If it is stagnated and old it’s out of touch with your current situation. If there are living things in the urn, the connection is very important, and the type of animal or plant you see, whether is beautiful, menacing or helpful, will be a sign of what kind of connection it is.

The House

The house is a representation of the unknown or the size of your dreams.

Question 10: If you imagined a big and fancy house, it may point to bigger dreams of wealth and prosperity, whereas a smaller house indicates less desire and that you’re willing to take whatever life gives you and be at peace with it.

Question 11: The madman in the house represents the level of trust in other human beings. If you decide to open the door, then you are more willing to help others even though they may pose a threat to you. If you decide not to open the door, your past experience with other people has taught you to be careful. So, you don’t expose yourself to the danger of strangers and you don’t trust them.

The White

The whiteness you see where nothing changes represents death or lack of change.

Question 12: Most of the people start by looking around and trying to find a way out. Nevertheless, some do not simply accept this changeless situation. Those who do accept this new situation are resigned that life will end and death is inevitable. On the other hand, it may also mean they accept they can’t change their lives and come to terms that it will stay that way.

The individuals who search, explore, fight without stopping are not ready to accept the concept of death or end of change. They want to improve their lives, without thinking of the ultimate end.

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