11 Essentials For Raising Empowered Highly Sensitive Children And Teens

Kids who are HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) have sometimes a hard time in this world. They are extremely vulnerable. Here are 11 tips to help them to live a purpose filled life.

11 Essentials For Raising Empowered Highly Sensitive Children And Teens

It isn’t easy being a child, teen, or young adult in today’s world.

And if you’re an HSP (highly sensitive person), intuitive, empathic, indigo, or crystal, without an understanding of it, or if you are raising one, it can be downright painful.

Lightworkers are often labeled early in life as misunderstood, overly emotional, challenging, disconnected, problematic, hyper, or despondent. When they are loving, kind, highly evolved souls. They are often clairsentient (clear feeling), claircognizant (clear knowing), clairaudient (clear hearing), and clairvoyant (clear seeing) of the spirit realm.

They just know things they cannot explain and can feel confused as to how to be around certain people or situations and become quiet (often labeled ‘shy’).

What ‘should’ be easily navigated by most kids can feel like life or death to HSP’s.


Parents often describe their HSP children as craving alone time, love being outside in nature and empathic with animals. They dislike change or being surprised and scared of the dark. They often root for the underdog on the school playground, are deemed creative, shy, overly sensitive, and are known to prefer the company of pets or imaginary friends over people.

In reality, they just see too much, know too much, and feel too much without any idea what it means or how to co-exist in a world they feel they do not fit in.

HSP’s absorb energy. And energy is everywhere. HSP’s do not have borders or tidy boundaries. They can’t easily let things go or shrug things off. In one day they can pick up the energetic fields of their teachers, parents, siblings, friends, and the person at the grocery store and carry it home with them. This may result in the family, school admins, and especially the child not understanding why they’re ‘suddenly’ in a bad mood, in a rage, crying, reacting impulsively, overeating, oversleeping, or numbing out.

These mission centered souls are arriving in this world in higher numbers now more than ever before.
They chose to show up to bring light, love, balance, harmony, and sensitivity as preparers to eradicate the negativity we’ve collectively created in the world. They are here to help usher in new ideologies for ascension as we create a new earth rooted in love, tolerance, acceptance, and non-judgement of self, others, mother earth, and the animal species.


These kids feel something is ‘wrong’ with them from a very early age and develop protective ways to close themselves off from the world.

What they really need help with is to understand themselves and discover the reasons to remain open and heart centered.

Parents, teachers, and the adults closest to them can help them understand who they truly are, why they are here, and how to dial down (not extinguish) their extra wide energetic field. A first step is to understand the essentials themselves; that the child’s sensitivity is very specific to why they are here.

We can encourage these children to become curious about themselves, and to stand tall in their truth even if it means to stand alone; and not to hide or change who they are by trying to fit in. Parents are the first adults who can empower them or disable them. So, it is important to teach them to recognize, respect, and honor their sensitivities as ‘natural, not wrong,’ and arm them with life-long tools so they can live a purpose filled, empowered life.


Here are 11 Essentials to Raising an Empowered Highly Sensitive Child and Teen:

1. Develop Your Team.
Be in the perspective of a loving leader by offering tools and support as they face their challenges and get out of the ‘fixer’ mode that just puts out fires. Bond cohesively in mutual trust while remaining the parental leader. Shift language from “I don’t know” to “I’ll find out.” Then follow through.

2. Become a Student.
Spend time embracing the truth about your child’s sensitivities and gifts to become empowered first. If this is new to you, read books and blogs. Find Facebook groups and ask questions so you’ll be prepared what to expect, how to respond, and how to answer questions. Remember, the oxygen mask always goes on the adult first.

3. Limit Your Child's Exposure
Limit digital and social media and electronics and remove them from the bedroom. The EMF’s (electromagnetic fields) from phones, IPads, computers, even microwave ovens and televisions can wreak havoc on an extra sensitive, energetic body.

4. Introduce The Natural Healing Qualities Of Pure Himalayan Salt.
This unique pink salt has negative ions, which when in the presence of your child’s overflowing positive ions, negates and transmutes their energy field back to normal levels. Pepper salt lamps around your home and their bedroom, and invite them to soak in a full bathtub with 1-2 cups of salt as needed.

5. Teach The Positive Benefits Of Stopping To Breathe Deeply Several Times a Day With a Visualisation.
Breathe in deeply while visualizing themselves in a peaceful image (like a field on a warm day), and then releasing the breath as far as they can while visualizing all the discordant energy leaving their bodies. Even introduce them to a yoga class.

They can use EFT anywhere in times of overwhelm or acute emotional trauma. Tap the ‘karate chop’ area of one hand onto the palm of the other repeatedly while saying this mantra in their mind “Even though I am upset, I love myself and I am okay” until the emotion subsides.

7. Do Not Overschedule Their Free Time With Skilled Activities
Highly sensitive kids thrive in unscheduled creative play. Have plenty of ways for them to unwind alone such as journaling, paint and art supplies, puppets, books, and plenty of opportunities to put their hands and bare feet in nature and on the ground.

8. Teach How To Ground
Start every morning when both feet hit the floor by imagining a long golden cord coming out of one foot and finding its way through the floors all the way to securing itself to the deepest-rooted tree underground. Ask them to imagine this invisible cord anytime they feel unsettled.

9. Create A Clean Physical Body For Them And Explain Why It Matters
Keep their food clean; no artificial colors, sugar, or white flour that can cause spikes in energy. Keep their meat locally raised, not factory farmed, as energy never ends, it just travels from host to host. Do not medicate your child if possible. An extremely sensitive child with a wide-open energy field and untamed reach will want, and even appear to need to be ‘calmed down.’ They most likely have many self-medicating habits already in place. Medication from a physician can be a band-aid approach for something that is not even wrong; just misunderstood.

10. Adopt An Unloved Pet From A Shelter
Your child has probably saved strays, birds, and small animals since they were very young and most likely begged for a pet. Animals are natural stress relievers while providing unconditional love and opportunities to serve, add purpose, value, meaning, acceptance, and real soul to soul connection into their life. In many cases, it is a highly sensitives child best friend and secret keeper. Suicidal teens have admitted they couldn’t go through with ending their lives because it would mean leaving their pet without them.

11. Above All, Have An Open Dialogue, An Open Heart, And An Open Door Policy.
Never discount their feelings or what they ‘see’ (often it is of the spirit world), feel, or need. Be both their rock and their soft spot as they will require structure as well as a safe place to land as they navigate feeling like a misfit.

Many peacemakers and leaders of enlightenment are often fall into one category of HSP or another. It is nothing to be discouraged about and everything to be embraced.

It is essential to the big picture that each walks their unique path in confidence with light and grace!

Originally written by Susan Mullen
Source: onewiselife

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