Japanese Method Of Relieving Stress In Just Five Minutes

Stress management technique. Relieve your stress in just five minutes with this Japanese technique.

Japanese Method Of Relieving Stress In Just Five Minutes

According to Yin Shin Iyutsu, Japanese doctor who deals with ancient alternative medicine, by applying pressure on certain finger, you can solve stress, pain, insomnia, or a mental blockade.


Pressing the thumb is supposed to solve stomach problems or any pain in the abdomen. Also, this will reduce anxiety, depression, and grief.

If you have a problem with the bladder or kidneys, press your index finger. In this way you also reduce the tremor in the body, abdomen cramps and digestive problems.

Middle Finger
You have a problem with your liver or nerves? Firmly press the middle finger and hold it for a while. This is a good way to get rid of stress and uncertainty. You can also improve your cardiovascular health, menstrual problems, vision problems or headaches.

Ring Finger
Helps your lungs and digestive tract. You can also solve problems with breathing or stress.

Little Finger
Help your heart, get rid of nervousness, anxiety, panic, loneliness, sore throat, bloating and problems with bones.

Once you identify the negative emotion that you are experiencing, focus on the finger that represents it.
Then, wrap all your fingers around the one that represents the negative emotion and maintain the grasp until you feel the pulse. Keep the grasp for about 2 minutes.

If you experience more than one negative emotion, repeat the same procedure with the corresponding fingers.

And, if you want to calm your mind, this technique is also very efficient. Using the thumb of the opposite hand, apply slight pressure at the center of the palm of your other hand and hold for at least one minute.

This technique is called “Jin Shin Iyutsy” and even science has provided evidence that it works.

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