How to Recognize and Remove Negative Energy from Your Home

Have you ever moved to a new house or building and not felt comfortable? Here are some ideas to clear the negative energy from your home or office.

How to Recognize and Remove Negative Energy from Your Home

You cannot see energy with the naked eye but you can certainly feel it.

Think of the times you have met someone and don't "click" with them because they give off "negative vibes"? Have you ever gone into a house or a building and not felt comfortable? If you have moved house and since noticed you suffer more ill-health, accidents, arguments, lose things or break things - perhaps you need to clear it of negative energy!


In the 1990's Dr Masaru Emoto conducted an experiment with water and negative energy and if you're not convinced yet, you can do your own research on the web and see his incredible and amazing pictures and video experiments.

So if you want to clear the negative energy from your home or office here are some ideas:

    1. Sea salt is commonly used in Feng Shui to get rid of negative energy and to allow a balanced chi to flow inside the home. The sea salt is either used alone or mixed with water and placed in certain areas of the home. Mix 5 – 6 tablespoons of sea salt in a bucket of water and mop the floors with the mixture. Or you can place a bowl filled with sea salt in each corner of the house which faces the northeast and southwest directions. The bowls of salt should be left in an open space and not placed in a cupboard. It should be replaced every 2 months. Read these very interesting facts about salt.
    1. Clean rugs, curtains, walls, windows etc. Every time you clean your home you are removing negative energy. Cleaning your home or workspace will make it lighter and more positive. This is a result of organizing, of ridding yourself of things you no longer need and removing toxic products from your environment. Just opening windows brings in fresh, positive energy.

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    1. Remove clutter. Things like old magazines and dirty clothes can trap a lot of negative energy in your house. Remove old items you no longer need. Keep coffee tables picked up and clean. Put your laundry in a laundry hamper. Wash your dirty dishes and put them away. Negative energy needs objects to hang on to so it can remain around.
    1. Loud noises. This is the reason the Chinese love fireworks. Loud noises break up energy patterns and allow them to disperse. Mother Nature does the same thing with the noise of thunder storms..
    1. Open windows and let fresh air in and negative energy out. Do not allow pollution from noise or toxins to enter instead though.


    1. Meditate there. A proper meditation once or twice a day in your living space will broadcast out a powerful positive vibration. A broadcast from a meditative state of mind becomes much more powerful than it would otherwise be, making positive energy more powerful than negative energy. A proper meditation will saturate a space with uplifting energy for several hours.

    1. Other space clearing techniques include burning candles, dowsing; smudging with herbs (white sage) or incense; clearing with bells, cymbals and singing bowls; and clearing with chanting. Burn lavender, mint or eucalyptus incense inside every room of the home. These scents will infuse positive energy into the home and will push out anything negative.


    1. Rearrange the furniture. The Chinese practice the art of Feng shui. Again negative energy needs something to "cling to." Arrange your space with as much wide open space as possible, allowing any negative energy to disperse. But also the act of rearranging will cause this harmful energy to dissipate..
    1. Add living plants. Plants add color, life, oxygen and positive energy to your home. All good things to have. But only if you water and maintain them.

With the wish that your life, your house, and your office are filled with positive energies and positive people!

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Originally written by Helena Fone
Source: holistichealthmalta

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