Invocation To Archangel Gabriel To Make Your Wishes Come True

Archangel Gabriel's influence soothes the spirit and nurtures the soul. Here's how to perform a ritual invocation to Archangel Gabriel.

Invocation To Archangel Gabriel To Make Your Wishes Come True

Gabriel, Lord of the Moon

Gabriel is Lord of the Moon, ruling Monday and the sign of Cancer. The Moon is the most significant heavenly body after the Sun.

There is an old Islamic legend that the Moon was once as bright as the Sun, so that the creatures of Earth could not distinguish day from night. Allah therefore commanded Jibril (Gabriel) to soften the light of the Moon. The angel brushed it with his wings, transmuting it from fiery gold to cool silver.

Gabriel, therefore, represents the light, the conscious intelligence of the Moon, while mitigating the effects of its dark, unconscious side.

Everything that grows upon the Earth does so in rhythm with the Moon, which rules all bodily fluids. As the Bhagavad-Gita says, “By becoming the Moon full of juices, I nourish all plants.”

The Moon is motherly, nurturing, sustaining growth. It rules dreams, the emotions, sensuality, intuition, the way we feel. Its dark side is the unconscious, the wilder, baser instincts. Gabriel can help control “full-moon fever,” softening any lycanthropic tendencies (the power to transform oneself into a wolf). His influence soothes the spirit and nurtures the soul.

Gabriel is best contacted on a Monday. Letters of petition should be written in silver or violet ink on white paper. To perform a ritual invocation, you should burn silver or violet candles and stand on a square of white or violet silk. Look out for any of Gabriel’s correspondences coming into your waking life or dreams as a sign of consent. These should appear within 28 days, a lunar month, often before the next New Moon.


Invoking Archangel Gabriel

To petition Archangel Gabriel, write your wish in the form of a prayer. To invoke Archangel Gabriel, you will need a piece of cloth, preferably silk, in silver or violet, colors associated with Gabriel. This is placed in the center of the room you use to perform the ritual. Stand on this while reciting the prayer of invocation.

You may place any of the following objects that are sacred to Gabriel around the edge of the cloth to help tune in the energies: moonstone or pearl, turmeric or nutmeg, white lily, image of owl, nightingale, spider, moth, shellfish, wolf. Nine silver or violet candles should be lit along with any of the following incense: camphor, jasmine, ylang-ylang. These are the number, colors and incense associated with Gabriel.

Salt water may be sprinkled around the edges of the room to purify it and keep unwelcome influences away.

When all is prepared, begin the invocation, facing east.

Below is an example of an invocation:

In the name of the Almighty, Creator of all that is, I call upon you great Archangel Gabriel, as ruler of this day and Lord of the Moon, to grant this my wish, Whose concern comes under your special influence. Please ______ state wish (remove/release….)_______. May this wish be realized for the good of myself and to the harm of none.

Now turn to the south and repeat the invocation, and again to the west and north. Then turn once more to the east and, spreading wide your arms, say,

I honor and thank you Archangel Gabriel for granting this, my wish, in the name of the Almighty. And so it is (or Amen).

Make a bow and repeat to the other three directions.

Burn your wish in a cauldron and ask it to be released into the ether. Throw the ashes into the earth/ground and ask the nature spirits to absorb the energies and transmute them into the Light.

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