Select A Mandala And Discover The Strong Side Of Your Character

By intuitively picking one of these mandalas, you can discover your character's strong side. Which one will you choose?

Select A Mandala And Discover The Strong Side Of Your Character

Mandalas are circles that Buddhists use to represent the Universe, and they are seen as matrices of the Cosmos in these teachings. By intuitively choosing one of the depicted mandalas, you can find out the strong side of your character.

Look at the picture, choose a Mandala, and see what it says about your character:

  1. You are a generous person with exemplary morals.

Your exceptional generosity is the 1st quality that others notice. You don't spare any time or expenses when you want to make someone happy. Your generosity is incredible in love, and when you fall in love, you dedicate yourself fully to your partner, having no fear that you'll be hurt. But plenty of people also take advantage of your good intentions to use you.

2. You are a loyal and sincere person.

You'd never betray those closest to you and demand that they are just as loyal as you are. You believe that everyone is responsible for their actions and behavior, and you aren't indifferent toward the good or bad attitude toward you. Because of your well-meaning and inborn charm, you quickly make new friends.

3. You are a creative individual.

You are an introvert who loves to observe and reflect on the world around them. You have an incredible imagination and love to dig deep into your thoughts, completely escaping reality. But this creates a gap between you and others, who often see you as 'strange.' Use your fantasy and creatively express yourself.

4. Your intuition is phenomenal.

Your intuition borders on the supernatural, and you can always trust it. Your dreams are also unusually accurate, and you can predict events not only about yourself but also for those closest to you. To enhance this side of your character, you must spend more time in solitude, even if others can't always understand your behavior.

5. You are an independent and brave person.

You believe that when someone truly wants something, they can achieve it, relying only on their abilities. You rarely give up on your goals and are among the few who can say they've made most of their dreams a reality. In love, you are often the dominating side and insist on independence and freedom.