Select An Image And Reveal Your Angel Message

Take a moment and look at the pictures below. Choose the one you feel most drawn to and your angel message will be revealed.

Select An Image And Reveal Your Angel Message

Sometimes we receive messages in the form of friends giving advice, animal messengers, and in this case, being drawn to a specific image.

Take a moment and look at the pictures below. Choose the one you feel most drawn to, and your angel message will be revealed.


If you selected Picture A:

You're having a perfect time. Either you can already feel the ease in your life, or it will soon feel that way. The energetic conditions are right for success in whatever project you are involved in. This is because you have made good choices. Your dream is now coming true. It is time to get the benefits of a project, venture, or idea you planted some time back. It was challenging to get here.

There were times you doubted your success. And yet the time has come now that you receive the benefits of your hard work. Now you can either build upon your successes or move on from them, set new goals, and start something new. And as you start something new, have patience, and do it after reflecting on the purposes and your next steps. There could be travel involved for your work.

If you selected Picture B:

It is time you sat up and took a good look at yourself. You find lovely qualities in others and admire them. While this is a great trait, remember that what you recognize in others is also present in you. Others are just a reflection of you, showing you back what you are. So don't put yourself down. When you recognize something good about another, remind yourself that you recognized it because you have a similar trait within you. You often think others are better than you.

It is time you let go of thinking less of yourself and recognize your beauty, talents, and creativity. As you improve your self-perception, you become a strong force of positive change in this world. And you are allowing yourself to shine as your true self will open doors of abundance, success, and endless blessings. You will see it!

If you selected Picture C:

Suppose you have been indulging in relaxing more, chilling out, or in food, relationships, or material possessions and have been secretly beating yourself over it. Stop. If you don't overdo it, a little indulgence is perfectly OK. Life is not only about work, seriousness, and responsibilities. Life is meant to be enjoyed. So yes, an excess of anything leads to an imbalance in your life and your energy, whether that excess is in indulging in the goodies or overworking yourself.

A balanced approach is needed. Work towards bringing more balance in your life and balancing your energy. And at the same time, ensure you are not beating yourself up for anything. That will not help you with anything. There is no need to deny yourself pleasures in life.