How to develop Self-Confidence with Angelic Channeling

Are you ready for an Angelic Channeling that boosts your spiritual growth? Want to make your self-confidence blossom and never shrivel up?

How to develop Self-Confidence with Angelic Channeling

Want to boost your self-confidence? Do you feel you are ready for an Angelic Channeling that can help you with your spiritual growth? Want to make your self-confidence blossom once and for all and never shrivel up?

Here are 4 effective ways to develop your confidence with your angelic channeling sessions.

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Angelic Channel Enemy No. 1

One of the biggest things newbie angelic channels, angel intuitive, psychic readers, and psychic mediums alike experience is lack of self-confidence.

With this comes fear ridden feelings of not being skilled enough, fear of criticism for giving a bad readings, nervousness, and just plain stage fright!

When I first started seriously reading for others I was in my early teens. I remember my stomach doing flip flops before my client presented herself, even if I knew her already.

At that time I read primarily for friends from school, but even though I already knew most of them I suffered from what my early teacher in the intuitive arts kindly referred to as “what-if-itis”.

Understanding “What-if-it is”

What-if-it is was a term she used for all of the fearful “What if . . . ” thoughts that would inevitably, pop up prior to giving someone a reading.

  • What if I screw up?
  • What if I get the information wrong?
  • What if they don’t like their reading?
  • What if they want their money back?
  • What if my mind goes blank?
  • What if . . . what if . . . what if?

I had my share of bouts with what-if-it is throughout the years but fortunately was able to get a grip on not only myself and quash my fears through 4 simple confidence building strategies. Let me share those with you now . . .

4 Ways to Develop Confidence with Angelic Channeling

  1. Shift your perspective. This is one of the quickest ways to reign in your fears and your doubts. When you are experiencing what-if-it is your thoughts are primarily on you and how you feel. Shifting your perspective means to focus on being of service to your client. How can you best serve him or her? The most important thing to remember is that the reading experience is about your client and not about you.
  2. Get in the practice of reading for yourself. I have had the honor of studying with some very well known psychic and psychic mediums. One thing I noted through listening to discussions in their classes and workshops was that they regularly took time to perform readings for themselves. Many of them had the practice of keeping daily channeling journals. Reading for yourself continues to develop your confidence with your reading practice. It is also a great method for keeping in intimate harmony with your angels and spirit guides. The closer you are to them, the clearer and more accurate your messages for others will be.
  3. Give free practice readings for others. A wise old proverb says that practice is the mother of skill. Can’t argue with that. The more you practice the better you get. When you give practice readings for others you not only develop your reading skills, but you also deepen your ability to quickly connect with your psychic knowing. In order to run you first must learn to walk. Giving free practice readings for others helps to build up your psychic stamina, so practice, practice, practice!
  4. Watch and listen how other angel intuitive and psychic channels perform readings for others. I love to do this. When I watch and listen to others performing psychic readings or angelic channeling sessions I also look for tips to make my reading style more effective for my clients, and I also learn from their mistakes! The fastest way to learn and improve is to model what is working for other people, and to learn what isn’t.
Above all, just remember that as spiritual beings having a physical experience we are bound to have days when our readings feel off, or when our mind seems to be elsewhere. It is the natural ebb and flow of everyday living.

Honor those days by being honest with yourself and with Infinite Love: “Divine Love, help me to stay focused on exactly what my client needs to receive through his/her reading today. Therefore for the highest good of all concerned, I choose to release and let go of any fear based thoughts or feelings, or any thing else that may be blocking me from receiving the information he/she needs from this session. And so it is! Amen!”

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Source: this article was originally written by Dar Payment and published on darpayment - reposted with permission from the Author