Powerful Shamanic Divination. Ask For Advice and Let The Ancient Energies Work

Divination. Let The Ancient Energies Work. These ancient signs predict the future and shed light on the present situation.

Powerful Shamanic Divination. Ask For Advice and Let The Ancient Energies Work

Several millennia ago, before the beginning of all religions, when humanity was still young and lived in tribes in difficult situations, people always turned to the most wise man of the tribe, to the shaman.

The shaman treated the disease, predicted the future, gave advice. He did not have the choice of making a mistake, because the ancient people were very cruel and unforgiving.

It was from those times this powerful fortune-telling started spreading. It was used when you were in a really difficult condition, or in situations where you really needed an advice.

However, this divination has one extra feature. These ancient signs not only predict the future, give advice and shed light on the present situation. They also “include” the ancient energies of the Earth in your aid.

These are not just stones, they are special stones! So, are you ready to choose? Here they are! Remember the number of your stone and read your advice below.


Stone number 1 “Star”

It’s time to use your mind to remove your inner blocks. If you want to achieve something, don’t think that you don’t have it. Imagine that you already have it. Create an image of what you want. Fill it with energy and vitality. Think about all the details, try to see the picture as brightly as possible. Thought is material, and when your image is finally formed, it will become an independent living entity that will find the opportunity to incarnate in reality.

If it’s hard for you to imagine what you want, you can draw what you want, and place the picture in a prominent place. Use any convenient and accessible way of visualization, and your desire will surely be fulfilled. But remember that you should not attach yourself to anything too much, otherwise it will be difficult for your dream to come true. Treat this method as a game, and don’t forget to thank fate for everything you get.

Stone No. 2-Transformation

External energies are of great interest to you. Perhaps at the moment there are more important events than it seems at first glance, but you can be completely calm about the outcome of the situation. In the near future everything will be resolved by itself, and everyone who is involved in this situation will be satisfied. You are standing at a crossroads. Make your choice according to what your inner voice tells you. Don’t associate yourself with the old belief system, get rid of all restrictions.

Remember that the universe itself supports you. Now is a great time to make a change for the better. You can achieve great success. Move forward. This path is endless. In the center of the sign is the infinity of the universe. Today you get access to it. Now take steps in the right direction.

Stone No. 3- “Gratitude”

The universe is a living being. If you ask for something and get what you asked for, don’t forget to be grateful. To help you have been spent a certain effort – perhaps hundreds of angels and light spirits have worked to realize your dream. Remember that the lack of gratification overlaps your source of abundance. Sincere gratitude, on the contrary, causes the Universe the reciprocal desire to continue to act for your benefit.

Don’t forget to also thank yourself for everything you do for yourself and for others. Gratitude can’t always be expressed in a word, but you would like to receive a reward for your work. Otherwise, you will lose interest in this activity and fall into apathy. Try to maintain a balance – both with respect to yourself and to others.

Stone No. 4- “Dream”

Now is a good time to breathe life into your dreams. Look around and ask yourself, do you live as you want? If not, try to make positive creative changes. Ask the universe to show you a new direction and be open to fresh ideas. Nature often gives us inspiration. Sit in the garden or park, walk along the boulevard.

Think about the good, and let your thoughts flow freely. The divine leadership is trying to guide you in a new direction. Listen to your inner clues and ask for help from other dimensions . Allow the Spirit to guide and protect you. You need to inspire a number of people. But remember that you should not deprive a person of their freedom of choice.

Stone number 5 (in the center of the circle for a reason) – “Magic”

Magic is what helps your dream become a reality. It is a spark of opportunity – the possibility of a miracle that comes from the heart. Notice all the wonderful things that surround you in your daily life. You are under the influence of some magical powers, you can use magic power for the benefit of yourself and others. Remember that the greatest magic and miracle is your life and the life of your loved ones!

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