9 Signs That Show You Are Connected To Your Highest Spiritual Self

The following signs show how deeply connected you are to the highest layers of your spirit.

9 Signs That Show You Are Connected To Your Highest Spiritual Self

The spiritual path we take is unique for each of us. Yet, regardless of the spiritual path we choose to take, we all arrive at the same truth in the end.

These descriptions of the truth were laid down before us by the enlightened beings who had been there. However, since they all had their own unique journey their advices wary.

But the truth is always the same.

If you dive deep into these pieces of the truth they all point to the same essence. And exactly this essence is what you discover when you connect with your highest spiritual self.

The following signs show how deeply connected you are to the highest layers of your spirit.

But each of them is also a crucial piece of the truth by itself, so learning about these spiritual facts will lead you closer to your highest spiritual self.


9 Signs You Are Connected To Your Highest Spiritual Self

1. You feel you are connected to The Universe and all of creation.

Feeling the connectedness between yourself and all of life’s creation shows a deeper spiritual connection.

You feel this connectedness and oneness despite the differences in the thoughts and ideas of each one.

It’s because this connectedness is on the deeper level of shared consciousness as well as the divine energy that governs us all.

When you reach this level, your desire focuses on helping to ease the suffering of others.

Letting go of grudges is easier for you, as well as offering forgiveness and compassion, even if others fail to ask for it.

You’re naturally inclined to be kind to the people around you, the animals, and even nature, because you understand not doing these things is not honoring your essence.

2. You embrace change willfully.

You come to understand that in order for you to evolve, you need to keep changing and embrace every change needed in your spiritual evolution.

In diving into your inner self, you discover that your body keeps changing and all the things around you.

Change is an essential part of every human experience. And you know that this change involves letting go of people or situations and appreciating every moment of your existence.

3. You realize that your ego is only made up by your mind.

Detaching yourself from your ego self is giving you the freedom to start projecting your true self.

It’s a full liberation that needs to be celebrated because, at last, you have come to know that the person you believe you are is only made up by the environment where you grow up and the conditioning you receive from your family and life situation.

You have come to realize that you can change your life and be the best version of yourself despite the pains or traumas that you’ve been through. And that you have the power to shine despite your shadows and wounds. In fact, these things help you shine brighter.

4. You honor your body as part of your spiritual self.


Even if you know you are a spiritual being having a human experience, you honor your physical body because it’s a part of who you are in this lifetime.

Honoring your body means taking full responsibility for your choices and reactions.

Whether you feel anger or lust, you know you don’t need to push away these feelings. You accept all your feelings because you understand they are a part of you, but not you.

You have the power to transcend your body’s urges by taking control of your emotions instead of being controlled by them.

You also honor your body by providing it good nutrition, moving it through exercise, giving it nurture and self care.

5. You live in the Here and Now.

Unlike the way you used to, now you’re able to live in present moment. You are in the here and now, not thinking about the past ‘could have beens’ or the future ‘what ifs’.

Instead, you are living in the now because you understand that there is nothing more real as the present moment.

You can’t project onto others the things you’re not at peace with within yourself if you are living in the present moment. All you can do is be.

You can’t monsterize fear, or project monsters and hypothetical scenarios upon reality, that mask your real emotions and help your ego stop you from facing them.

It’s only in staying at this present moment that you are much able to be open to the truth that is continually unfolding before you.

6. You feel the spirit of everything.


Physics believe that everything is composed of energy. In the spiritual context, this energy is the consciousness that keeps you united with everything around you.

Love is what entangles everything and everyone beyond space and time.

When people are in disconnection with this truth, it’s when people start hurting each other.

This disconnection is triggered by the illusion of separation, fear and ego. You have seen that the more someone is disconnected from the consciousness we all share, the more they unconsciously hurt others, even though they might see themselves as highly spiritual.

But because you have felt the spiritual connectedness of everything, you are more compassionate to yourself and everything around you.

You sense you are one with everything, you sense that there are particles within you connecting you to other stars and galaxies. That the energy within everything comes from the same source.

7. You understand that there is more to life than what meets the eye.

You understand that you have a limited mind that can’t contain everything about The Universe. How you perceive reality is just one way from infinite number of ways you can perceive it.

You’re aware that even if you master one thing, and know everything about this specific thing, there are countless other subjects your mind hasn’t even scratched. And if you start to master something else your mind will just forget about the other thing to make space.

What you know is to do your own thing, trusting that The Universe will do its own thing in helping you.
You know that even though your imagination is not limited, your mind is. And in full humility and openness you allow life to constantly unfold its mystery before you.


8. You discern that pain and joy are two sides of the same coin.

While you’ve been conditioned to chase joy and avoid pain, being connected to your highest spiritual self, you realize that pain and joy are two sides of the same coin.

Suffering happens as a result of seeking pleasure and ultimately avoiding pain.

Pain gives you a reason to breathe while joy gives you a space to breathe.

One could not exist without the other because, in the absence of one, the other loses its meaning.

9. You perceive that we are all Love.

Love is not an emotion that comes and goes. In your spiritual journey, love is realizing the true essence and divinity within yourself and recognizing it in others.

The romantic emotion of love we experience towards one another is just one representation of this essence we project upon the world. Giving way to the all encompassing love is honoring the divinity and consciousness of everything and allowing harmony to flow.

It’s this deep essence of what we call love itself that gives you the strength to appreciate others as they are, with all their flaws, and help them in any way you can.

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