11 Unmistakable Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Visiting You

Have you recently experienced a strange coincidence or a serendipitous event? It may have been a sign from your Guardian Angel. Here are 11 signs that your guardian angel has visited you.

11 Unmistakable Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Visiting You

11 Signs Your Guardian Angel is visiting you

We all have already heard about guardian angels through stories based on real life. So we know for sure that a Guardian Angel is watching over every one of us and will take care of our well-being.
Some stories claim that it is a supernatural being. In contrast, others claim that a deceased loved one is offering guidance.
You can believe whatever you want. You might not be a believer at the moment, but observing sure signs in your day-to-day life may help you find an answer or two that you've been looking for.

Here is the list of signs that you can observe to realize if your guardian angel has visited you:

1. You Dream About An Angel visitation

Dreams are often considered as a portal to connect with higher dimensional beings. For example, dreams about an angel visitation indicate that your guardian angel is nearby. Many believers report that a guardian angel can try to contact you through dreams. They may try to deliver some message or simply be reassuring you about their presence.

2. You See Strange Colored Orbs

The orbs are said to be "vehicles for angels. So, if you observe one in your daily life, give it thought to why you are seeing this. If you don't find the possible logic behind it, you can assure that your guardian angel is nearby.

3. You Notice A Sweet Smell

If you notice an unexplained pleasant smell around you, it indicates that your guardian angel is nearby. It is their way to contact you and let you know about its presence.

Many believers report that these scents may take the form of delicious food, fragrant flowers, or a pleasant perfume that a deceased loved one used to wear.

4. When You Find A White Feather

Many people believe that feathers are always a sign of good luck. Feathers are one of the most common signs of all the angels to let their well-being know about their presence. An excerpt from Jacky Newcomb's book, Do You Know Your Guardian Angel, reads, "A feather is a safe and gentle way for your angels to show you they are with you."

So, finding a feather when you are most in need and are stuck in unpleasant situations would comfort you.

5. Your Baby Sees Something You Can Not

You can see a form of God in babies. This is because children are so pure, innocent, and free from all selfishness of this world. Therefore, many think that they can see angels and interact with them.

You might see a baby smiling at something you can't see. Suppose you notice a baby seeming to interact with something that isn't there. In that case, it may signify that your guardian angel is nearby.

6. You See Angels In Formation Of Cloud

We all have seen different shapes of clouds in the sky, such as animals, humans, trees, objects, and many more. Many believe that the guardian angels may also appear in pleasing shapes, such as hearts, pets, or symbols that are particularly meaningful or personal to you.

7. You Feel Like You Are Not Alone

We all have experienced the feeling of not being alone or being followed by someone even after assuring that nobody is present or following us. The sixth sense might tell us that our guardian angel is with us.

Many believers report that they can sense when their guardian angel is with them, and they can feel the presence of their guardian angel.

8. You Notice Angel Numbers Everywhere

Angel number can be a date personal to you, such as birthdate or marriage anniversary. It can also be the magical repeating numbers such as 11:11 or 333. If these numbers pop up in your everyday life, it means that your guardian angel is trying to get your attention.

9. Experiencing Sudden Changes In Temperature

Like a sudden, unexplainable odor, an unexpected temperature change may signify that your guardian angel is at your side. Suppose you are busy doing your work and suddenly start feeling cold or warm around you. Such sudden temperature changes may be a way of your guardian angel trying to interact with you.

10. You Hear Muffled Voices

Everyone has experienced that someone is calling their name out loud, and when they check around, they realize that it was just an illusion. Many believe that sometimes our guardian angel tries to communicate with us through muffled voices even though we can not talk to them. Still, it's their way of assuring us that they are nearby.

11. You Feel Tingling At The Crown Of Your Head

The specific feeling that many believers report is the tingling at the back of the head. Many believers report that the crown of your head resembles the halo of angels. They have a powerful connection between them. So, the tingling at the back of your head may be the preferred way of communication with your guardian angel.

This tingling may take the form of sudden warmth, or it may be more akin to when your foot falls asleep.

Many believers report that they can feel the presence of their guardian angel and can sense it as well. They have achieved it by observing these 11 signs regularly. Now you also know everything about the guardian angels and their possible ways of communication. Just be ready to observe these 11 signs in your daily life. Sooner or later, you will also be able to connect and communicate with your guardian angel. Believing in guardian angels is of great comfort.

It will never let you feel that you are alone in certain situations of your life. It will give you the confidence to fight in the worst situations and not let you loose.

Feature Image by Rene1905 from Pixabay