4 Ways To Tap Into Your Sixth Sense

Intuition is a natural gift that we are all born with. It is an inner guide, gut feeling, or sixth sense. Find out how to tap into your sixth sense

4 Ways To Tap Into Your Sixth Sense


When understanding your sixth sense, always keep in mind that there is nothing to fear, everyone has it, it’s scientific, and whether you know it or not you’ve already had contact.

Our sixth sense or intuitive abilities are as powerful and beneficial as any of our other senses if not more.

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Intuition is a natural gift that we are all born with. It is an inner guide, gut feeling, or sixth sense. In this world, we rely on our senses in order to navigate through the world. The senses are necessary for our survival however, there is another sense that exists on a more subtle level, the sixth sense.

This can also go undetected, but it is the sense which gives us access to our intuition, gut feelings, and psychic abilities. This sense allows us to access things that cannot be rationalized by the human mind and gives s access to the unseen worlds and to the world of spirit energy.

We all have it and we all have the ability to use it, all it takes is becoming aware and paying attention to the subtle messages that out sixth sense offers.


So how can you begin to harness your intuition?

1. Energy Sensing
Energy sensing is a simple technique that can be practiced with yourself or with another person. All you have to do is get into a calm meditative state. When you feel more relaxed, bring your awareness to your heart center. Notice how it feels. Pay attention to any feelings, colors, or blockages that may arise. You can also practice this with other chakra centers such as the throat, third-eye or solar plexus.

2. Meditation
Meditation is the most used method to tap into inner wisdom and communicate with your higher self or a spirit guide. Not only does it help with stress relief but also opens the door to intuition.

You have to still and quiet your mind and tune into more subtle energies and vibrations that surround you. Forget about all the things that you can see, hear touch, taste, and smell and go deeper.

3. Write Down Your Dreams
Our sixth sense also communicates through dreams. Even if your dreams do not necessarily make sense to the logical mind, often they are filled with subtle messages and clues about the direction your life is going.

Start writing down your dreams directly after you wake up. Keep doing this for at least two or three weeks and slowly you will begin to notice patterns emerging.
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4. Develop a Relationship With your Environment
The sixth sense used to be necessary for survival, and today we have forgotten the power of relying on our sixth sense to help guide us.

Take animals for example, they have a very heightened sixth sense which is why they are often more sensitive to spirits and are able to sense disasters before they happen. It should be a primal instinct, and the more you get in touch with the environment that surrounds you, the more you will begin to see how the sixth sense communicates with us.

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