Your Favorite Sky Reveals Your Hidden Personality!

We all like to discover something new about ourselves every day, so here's a test that helps to define you and your character. All you need to do is just pick one of these 6 skies.

Your Favorite Sky Reveals Your Hidden Personality!

It is well-known that the personality is a set of some features humans have and which, to some extent, define how we act among others.

But before you state who you are, firstly you need to understand your character and behavior. For example, try to answer some questions like: what do you like to do, what gave you happiness when you were a child, what is a perfect day for your like, what scares you the most, what gives you joy… When you answer and understand these simple questions you can use this information to check what your personality is.

Many types of personality exist – according to Myers-Briggs there’re even 16 of them – but sometimes it’s hard to classify a given person to a single type. Why is that? Generally, a person has many different features and each of them can match other types of character.

Let’s admit that we like to discover something new about ourselves every day, so here we present a test that helps to define you and your character better.

All you need to do is just pick one of these 6 skies. Who knows – maybe you will find a side of your personality you had no idea about!


1st Sky

You chose the first option, which means you are a very true and genuine person and you cannot stand when people are dishonest or vain because this drives you crazy. You always try to do your best no matter where it is: at work, at school, at home – everywhere. That’s why your friends, colleagues, and family treat you like a person. They can lean on you and love.

It may not be visible to others but you may seem sensitive, especially when it comes to angry words said towards you. The words hurt you but you always try to be kind to people who used them against you.

2nd Sky

You have chosen the second sky. This means you don’t like arguing at all and you always choose peace instead of an argument. Your attitude to the world and people in your environment is rather pacific, you’re a mixture of an extroverted and introverted person that can be really cute and funny for the ones you love.

It’s true that you won’t have problems to say good words to people who deserved this. You’re truly generous and you try to be the best person so that others will respect you, and you respect them as well.

3rd Sky

If you liked the third sky the most, your choice for it says that you’re a spontaneous person and you like doing things on the spot. In addition, the best things happen in your life only when you accept them and decide to handle consequences in near or far future.

People in your environment love the way you are, most of all you’re full of energy that you spread around and that’s why they can find out your positive life attitude. You should always believe in your instincts, feelings, and intuition so that your success comes sooner rather than later.

4th Sky

If you have chosen the fourth one, the first in the second row, this means you consider yourself as a quite interesting person who is always eager to learn some new things. You’re very curious as there are many things that interest you. You get bored very easily, therefore you need to focus on doing things that fill your interests and passions.

Generally, people around you like your company although sometimes you don’t feel comfortable with them because you prefer to stay on your own from time to time.

5th Sky

This picture depicts a night sky with a storm. Your choice means you’re a person who can connect with others if you spend some more time with them. Your way is to keep your emotions hidden deep inside you rather than show them to everyone, although you understand others very well.

When it’s time for you to open up, it’s good, because it lets other people look at the world in an exceptional way, so your family and friends can take advantage of your point of view.

6th Sky

This blue and cloudy sky shows that you are a person who values your independence. Actually, sometimes you happen to express a little rebellion. However, you don’t like confrontations and try to balance your need for freedom and space with care for others.

On the other hand, you seize the day and never let the negative energy have a big influence on you. But sometimes you cannot escape from this and you have to accept the way it is.

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