Soul Contracts – Do Our Children Choose Us?

Do our children 'choose' us before birth, or when they are fostered or adopted? Quite likely the answer is 'yes'. Find out how soul contracts work:

Soul Contracts – Do Our Children Choose Us?

It's fascinating to consider the idea that we have a karmic bond with our children, whether we birth them, adopt them, or foster them.

The Angels often remind us that these relationships are pre-destined and chosen in the spirit state before birth. I've even started to notice these soul contracts and paths when people come to me for readings. It's like a star map or string of pearls showing our agreements and destiny points on our journey. For example, when we adopt or foster a child, a soul contract is likely agreed upon between us and the child's soul before birth. Perhaps they chose us as the perfect teacher or nurturer, or they have the ideal gifts and ancestry for their life purpose. And we asked for this bond to help us learn lessons and gain skills while experiencing another dynamic with a member of our soul group. It's a beautiful and meaningful connection beyond biology or legal paperwork.


The Angels take our soul contracts very seriously and help to oversee the synchronicities of this meeting and bonding, just as they would with a 'natural' birth. Therefore your guardian angels and that of your adopted or fostered child communicate readily about what is 'actually' taking place between souls outside the "day to day."

Another wonderful thing starts to happen when we adopt a child, which, when I first saw it, really surprised me and touched me deeply.

As adoption is a 'contract' we make of guardianship, the ancestral lines connect once we take another being into our care and custodianship.

So even though your adopted child may not be of your bloodline physically, the energetic DNA is directed to your child. This means they become of your lineage energetically and have all the boons and challenges of you and your partner's ancestral line.

This seals the bond spiritually, and it is this line that the child wants and agrees to connect to before birth.

Doesn't the child have a soul contract with their natural birth parents? Yes, of course, they do, and part of that contract may be to be separated, orphaned, and adopted. There's a natural gift in life's challenges that we may want to experience. Many people find this soul-contract knowledge comforting and empowering when dealing with difficulties, tragedies, and injustices they cannot understand.

No one 'deserves' anything in life, and soul contracts certainly don't negate having healthy boundaries or making decisions that lead us to happier and healthier results!

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However, it does help us by assuring us that we choose to have varied experiences so we can learn how to react and grow through them differently. We get a new choice every time we experience yet another setback, heartache, or loss, as well as successes, victories, and gains.

Can we break soul contracts? Of course! Ultimately, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Our challenge here on Earth is not becoming spiritual as we already are!

It's being human that's the hard part!

The Angels constantly remind us that we have free will, or else they would be able to intervene without us having to ask. We are here to take credit for our tapestry of existence. Children and parents can break their contract and move on anytime if they feel it isn't working out, just like any other relationship.

In the case of fostering, your 'contract' is to walk a short part of the path with this particular soul through mentoring, influencing, and protecting them as they venture toward the next stage of life. For example, my mother was fostered as a child, and though it was for a couple of years, they were highly informative of her behavior and 'shape' later on.

The breaking of the contract in an adoption situation is, in my experience, very rare. However, whether you have fostered or adopted, there is something unique and profoundly special about consciously choosing your child/parent relationship during your Earth years together rather than before.

As a parent in this beautiful & unique relationship, you are cherished by the Angels as a faithful Earth Angel. Giving unconditional love, guidance, support, parenting, and nurturing to another from conscious choice is the highest life purpose you can have! You are amazing!

Your Angels cherish and protect your child/parent bond and can be called upon to help you strengthen and flourish as a family. Next time, we'll look into that more and how to bring more divine love, fun, and joy into your child's life together!

Why is it important to teach children about Guardian Angels?

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Believing in their Guardian Angel is essential for children. It helps them overcome their fears (in particular, the fear of abandonment and loneliness) to increase their self-confidence and ability to succeed.

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