Spirit Deck: Magical messages from Spirits

A spirit is here with you, trying to catch your attention. Select one of these 9 cards to receive a magical message from your spirit.

Spirit Deck: Magical messages from Spirits

There are many forces of nature constantly trying to give us a message, to change our livee, to give tips about our future or help us face current challenges.

Spirits are all over us trying to contact us. Most of the time we ignore their presence but they don’t ignore us.

A spirit is here with you, trying to catch your attention. Maybe, this fun game, is its way…

Spirit Deck: Magical messages from Spirits!


Here, we will try to shed some light with a fun game. You choose a card, you read their message.

1. Salamander:

This period you need to bring more action and passion in your life. Stop procrastinating and instead direct your energy to all things you feel passionate about. Let enthusiasm and your own inner fire to show you the way. You are more than capable to be the creative force that can completely change your life. Read more about Salamanders here!

2. Fairy:

Be happy, be joyful, be magical. Yes I know that you have gone through some difficult times but now they all belong to the past, it’s only your mind that invites them to the present. Do not feel guilty when you are doing whatever makes you happy, remember that the energy you release to the Universe is the energy that will be the foundation of the World you create for yourself. Read more about Fairies and how to work with them here.

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3. Angel:

The message that I bring to you is that of self-love. Healing will come, kindness will come, peace will come once you accept yourself for who you are and you surround all your ‘being’ with love. It is the highest gift you can give to yourself and others. Love yourself for who you are without judgement. Read more about how to contact your Guardian Angel here.

4. Ghost:

There is a message from your ancestors and those that have left your World. Honour them, invoke them and hear their messages. Please remember that they live in a higher spiritual place and love surrounds them. They are around you and they want to share their love with you. Forgive yourself and forgive others, this is the path of growth. Read more how to contact Ghosts and spirits of the Dead here.

5. Phoenix:

I am here to remind you the gift of Birth, Death and Rebirth. Everything that lives will die and everything that dies will live again. There is no end, only new beginnings. Leave back whatever burden you carry with you, transform yourself and give birth to a whole new self. Free and magical you are, remember it, embrace it, become. Read more about the Sacred Phoenix here!


6. Unicorn:

I am here to bring you the gift of harmony, magic and fantasy. Do not think for a moment that your imagination is not important, it is a form of creativity that has its roots deep within your soul.

All your dreams, wishes and desires are sacred, honour them and honour yourself. Embrace the magic within and all around you. Miracles will happen! Read more about the Unicorn here!


7. Satyr:

I am here to remind you the wild child that you are. Do not be afraid to walk into unknown territories, do not be afraid to explore your potential. Instead trust your instincts and honour the World as part of yourself the same way as you are part of this World. You are a fertile field, plant the seeds, care for them and be ready to discover amazing gifts.

8. Nymph:

I am here to give you the gift of emotional healing. I know that others may have failed you. All scars and all pain will go away the moment you will let go. Let them run away like cool water, you are far stronger than you think. Do not let these wounds fester, look at them, love them, forgive and move on.


9. Spirit Guide:

I am here to bring you the gift of guidance and companionship. I know that you may think that you are alone, or you may forget that we are here for you. Us spirit guides, although, we may not live in the physical plane, we equally care for you and your progress from the spirit world. We love you as a child and we are here for you.

Do not feel afraid to ask us for help, we are at your service with kindness and love. Make a change, talk to us. Read more about Spirit Guides here!

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