New Spring Ritual For Your Personal Growth

With the arrival of Spring, it’s not only the weather changing…So how do we tap into the blessings and opportunities that Spring presents us now?

New Spring Ritual For Your Personal Growth
Photo by Joel Holland / Unsplash

For eons, cultures around the world have honored and celebrated the changing of the seasons, including the point of time that is the beginning of Spring, when the wheel of the year turns from the immutable state of winter into the blossoming time of rebirth, which is Springtime!

Spring is the most anticipated season in terms of renewal; the beginning of Spring also presents the perfect opportunity to align with the energy of the universe and purify the soul through different rituals.

When Spring comes, it's not only the weather that's changing… But also our own personal lives, activities, and plans. We'll likely now spend more time outdoors with family and with ourselves.

With warmer weather outside, we're encouraged to turn outward and enjoy connecting with nature and all its gifts. This is where we can let go of our hidden doubts and fears and embrace and cultivate our highest authenticity, aspirations, and dreams.

Many ancient cultures had powerful ceremonies, rituals, and feasts to honor and celebrate Spring.

Many of these customs originate from cultures that heralded the arrival of Spring and took advantage of the alignment of the stars to perform healing rituals. Ancient civilizations carried out such ceremonies under the premise that seasonal changes marked the growth of healthy crops and the flows of nature.

So how do we honor this powerful and rejuvenating season and tap into the blessings and opportunities it presents us now?

Celebrate your authenticity, reconnect with your inner light, and cultivate the new, fresh energies brought to us by Spring with this simple ritual!

A formal ritual or ceremony is not required, but it can help you to adjust to the changes happening within and around you. It marks the end of one season and the beginning of the next!
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Set the Stage for Your Spring Ritual

Find a peaceful, quiet space to take some time to celebrate Spring…The space you create will represent your connection with the Divine, nature, and inner light. It can be both inside or outside of your home. It can be your favorite spot in your room, a nice spot in the garden, or your favorite place outdoors, in nature.

You may also want to create a little Spring altar to "set the stage"…

Start by finding a special place to decorate with colors and symbols representative of Spring. You may also include something representing each element: earth, air, fire, and water. Crystals, incense, essential oils, and anything highly vibrational and inspiring are a great addition to your sacred space!

Remember that Spring is a time of celebration, gratitude, and rebirth. So create your altar in a way that personally reflects this for you to help you to celebrate the new season of life you're stepping into.

Getting Started

Put on some relaxing music, then light some candles, burn some sage, or diffuse an essential oil to begin. Breathe, relax, fully enter into the present moment… And focus your awareness inward.

Imagine light all around you. Breathe it in and feel your inner light growing crisper and more vibrant. Breathe light into every cell as your vibration rises, and you become enveloped in light and love. Just breathe, relax, and be…

Enjoy connecting with your light, your team of guides and angels, and the magic of tuning into the infinite possibility available to you right here and now.

After your meditation…

Take some time to reflect on the cycle of growth and rebirth that is coming to a culmination now.

Ask yourself the following question: "What can I change now to stay in greater love, peace, and balance?"

Then, find the answer that resonates with you the most and release it into the light. Finally, remove everything that's holding you back from achieving your dreams.

And then… Keep the celebration going! Spring is only at the beginning, and there's plenty of joy coming into your life.

Enjoy Spring Time!