Pick A Sun As Your Emblem And See What It Says About You

Personality Test. Pick one sun, then see what it means for you. The meaning behind your choice will truly surprise you.

Pick A Sun As Your Emblem And See What It Says About You

The things that stand out to us and draw us in have a lot to do with who we are and what resonates within us. We are all different and the things we choose in life are able to say a lot about us.

PERSONALITY TEST Below you will see an image of several different suns. Which one would you choose if you had to choose one? Is there one that draws you in more than the rest? Think of it as if you were choosing a logo or design for something, which one really speaks to you?


Choose only one and then continue on to see what that means for you. While these things may not be quite as universal for us all they are for most of us. The meanings behind these will truly blow you away, it is insane how well they relate back to our lives.

Sun #1

This sun is one of the more normal ones on this list. It is empty in the same ways that you are. While it may not be as put together as the rest it stands out because you resonate with it. This sun is one that holds a sense of normalcy that you want to obtain. You most likely chose this sun because you need to get back to your roots.

Sun #2

This sun really stands out from the rest as do you. It is one that most people overlook since it kind of resembles a weed but you are drawn to it for that reason. You see the beauty within and that is something quite magical.

Sun #3

This sun is a little out there; it is not drawn well and the lines on it look a bit out of place. But you don’t mind! You chose this sun because you are someone who doesn’t like to take things at face value. You dig deeper and find something worth looking at. Very much like this sun, there are sides to you that no one ever sees.

Sun #4

This one to me looks like an egg and eggs are a symbol of growth and life. If you chose this sun you may be on a journey to find yourself. You might not quite be where you want to be in life but you are working on getting there. Nothing can stop you and you will not let anything or anyone hold you back.

Sun #5

This sun is full of misplaced markings and because of that, you feel like it symbolizes who you are the most. You are nowhere near whole but you have things in the right places or so you think. You are a great thinker and you have some amazing things locked away inside that mind of yours that are waiting to be released. Let your creativity show.

Sun #6

If you chose this sun you are someone who likes the simple things in life. You don’t get outside of your box often and when you do you are fighting for your way back in. Nothing is quite as it seems.

Sun #7

This sun also resembles a weed of some kind. It is confusing and looks quite boring. If you chose this sun you really need something to wake you up. You are living life as if you are just going through the motions and this needs to stop.

Sun #8

Now, this sun is one that most people choose because of how unique and yet, it is not as unique as it looks. It is simple yet appropriate in some way. If you chose this one you are someone who is going down the right path but not someone who questions the things that need to be questioned. You are not willing to push in the ways you need to, if you do not learn to push at some point you will end up stuck in a serious rut.

Sun #9

This sun makes me think of my old doodles from elementary school. There is a light playfulness about it. If you chose this sun it is because you are likely still very much a child inside. You are drawn to things that speak to the inner you and the inner you is very much a child.

Sun #10

This sun looks almost like a star of some sort and reminds us to always chase our dreams. If you chose this one you are probably quite imaginative and you most likely work actively to reach your goals. You have your sights set high and are not afraid to go where you need to in order to achieve them.

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