Select A Tarot Card And Receive An Important Message About Your Money

Want to receive an important message for your money? Select your favorite tarot card and read the important message about your financial situation

Select A Tarot Card And Receive An Important Message About Your Money

Select the card that stands out to you the most

It doesn't matter that you cannot see the whole card in the first picture. Pause for a moment, and choose the one that grabs your eyes. You should intuitively know which. That is the card that has a message for you.

1. Ten of Pentacles

This card heralds wealth accumulation over a while to a point where you can now share this wealth with your loved ones. It can also indicate retirement, inheritance, or being part of a wealthy family or heritage.

If this is the card you were drawn to most, we recommend splurging a little. After all, what's the point in accumulating so much wealth if you don't enjoy some of it?

2. Six of Wands

In a financial reading, the Six of Wands can signify a cash prize or reward will be won due to your hard work and effort.

If this was the card you were drawn to most, why not buy yourself a lottery ticket, or enter the first competition you see? You never know. Luck just may be in your favor right now. So do not miss this chance!

3. Nine of Pentacles

The Nine of Pentacles suggests material abundance, a luxurious lifestyle, and disposable income!

If this is the card you were drawn to most, you are the last person to worry about money right now. You already have plenty! (Or at least there should be plenty of it on the way!)

4. Ace of Pentacles

As with all Aces, the Ace of Pentacles signifies a new opportunity.

If this is the card you were drawn to most, then congrats! Expect a new job, a pay rise, a financial gift, or a unique investment opportunity to come your way very soon.

5. Sun

The Sun radiates with positivity and abundance, so when this card appears in a financial reading, it suggests positive outcomes such as high-earning investments or increased savings.

If this is the card you were drawn to today, it probably means you will have greater abundance come your way soon!

6. Four of Pentacles

With the Four of Pentacles, you will be focused on managing your finances conservatively by spending less and saving more. Your goal is to accumulate wealth by keeping a close eye on your money and material possessions.

If this is the card you were drawn to most, this is your warning to be more thoughtful about money. Wise, thrifty decisions could save you a lot of trouble in the near future.

7. Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune often suggests a financial windfall or a surprise gift with the promise of good luck.

If this card is the one you were drawn to most, it probably means the most challenging financial times are behind you now. Your luck is much better than it has been lately, and soon you will see the payoff from this. But don't lose hope just yet! It's coming!

8. Nine of Cups

The Nine of Cups reminds you that if you believe in abundance and wealth, you will indeed create it.

This card is very much about the Law of Attraction. This card serves as a reminder that you get things according to the energy you put into the world. The Universe will respond to it and send it back to you. So give what you want, and you will definitely get it.

9. Page of Pentacles

This Page indicates a new venture (e.g., a new job, business, or project) that will provide the opportunity to earn extra income.

If this is the card you were drawn to most, the Universe is telling you that it's time to take that risk you've been procrastinating about. Hate your job? Look for a new one! Want a raise? Ask for one! Take all the leaps you can right now. It just may pay off better than you ever expected!

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An Angelic Prayer For Money And Financial Blessings

From our book 365 Prayers to the Angels

May the Angels help you manifest money easily, abundantly and effortlessly.


Dear Angel,

please, guide me to manifest money in my life. Help me release every thought pattern related to scarcity and limitation that causes me to attract a lack-based reality. Guide me to remove any hindrance that may interfere with the divine flow of abundance. Make me open to receive the gift of financial wealth and riches. I ask you to remove my anxieties, fears and worries about money, and replace them with the awareness that prosperity is my natural state of being. Let me allow money to come into my life easily, abundantly and effortlessly so that I may experience an existence of blissful and unlimited prosperity.