The Angels and God are the ones who truly care for us.

That is why they gave us a specific course in our lives. It is said that God has a book written for each of us. In that book is written my life, your life, and all our lives.

The Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Metatron are Angels of high rank.

They are extensions of God, they have to personify His grace, majesty, and power and they have the mission to be next to us, to watch us, and to heal us.

If there is a problem with your body, your mind, or your soul, they are ready to be there for you and help you overcome your pains.

The Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Metatron have the title of Archangel because they took human form and had to suffer. Their suffering was the test they had to pass to become what they are now: the right hand of God. There is no field they don’t excel in.

People who carry the Archangel’s names are the ones who have them permanently next to them. God helps everyone. Archangels help everyone, but people must have faith.

Let’s find out what their names mean. Let’s find out how the Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Metatron can help us.


Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel means “God is my strength”.

Gabriel is mentioned by name in the Bible in the Old Testament, in the Book of Daniel and in the Book of Luke. The supreme mission of Gabriel is to announce to people what God has to tell them. The Archangel Gabriel is the messenger of God.

There are many people that don’t know when to call on an Archangel to help them. They want real help from God and they have a specific problem, therefore they ask Angels for help. You should learn what their names mean in order to know which Archangel to call on for help.

It is true that each of us has a Guardian Angel who takes care of our life, but sometimes you need strength and power directly from those Angels that are God’s right hand.

The Archangel Gabriel works together with Mother Mary to minister to sensitive children and to guide pregnancies, adoptions, births and the raising of children. Thus, couples who want to have a child should pray to the Archangel Gabriel.

If you are suddenly attracted to copper it means that you are close to the Archangel Gabriel. Copper is his metal. If you wear copper jewelry, Gabriel will protect you better. Wear clothes in the color of copper and you will be watched by the Archangel Gabriel.

If you want to pray to Gabriel, say these words: “Please, Archangel Gabriel, help me in having a child and help me raise him with the words of God in his soul!”

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael means “Who is like God?”

And the right answer to this question is “nobody”. Because we all know that God is the image of perfection. Now, his mission is to watch over us and to give us strength to overcome each obstacle in our life. The Angels are His messengers and it is known that angels escort people to heaven when they die.

The Archangel Michael is the most famous one. Everybody has heard of him, but does everybody know how he can help us?

He protects us in many situations. He is known to be there, always, next to our Guardian Angel. If you are prone to have a car accident, Archangel Michael is there to help you prevent it.

He also protects our possessions.

From the Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Metatron, it is Michael who is the guide of our life because if we pray for guidance and help in a specific hard moment of our life, he will come and he will show us the right path, and we can make the right decision.

Royal purple is Archangel Michael’s color, so you should wear this color if you want to be protected by him.

Archangel Raphael

Each of the Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Metatron has the power of healing, but Archangel Raphael has the supreme power of healing the soul. Think about the moment when your soul hurt so much that you didn’t know what to do. Archangel Raphael means “God heals!”