The Best Spiritual Practices for the Twelve Zodiac Signs

Here is a general look at the Sun signs and the spiritual practices that could complement each of the twelve signs of the zodiac.

The Best Spiritual Practices for the Twelve Zodiac Signs

Astrology has many insights to offer, personality traits, hidden talents, compatibility, planetary cycles and career. Most spiritual practices will serve you well, but each Sun sign has its different needs and abilities. This article is a general look at the Sun signs and a spiritual practice that could complement each of the twelve signs of the zodiac.




Aries is a sign that is ruled by the planet Mars under the fire element and therefore these individuals born between the 20th of March – 20th of April need a spiritual practice that is physical but controlled. There are a number of different types of yoga available, Ashtanga Yoga is well suited to the temperament of the rams in terms of being one of the more vigorous types of yoga practice. Ashtanga Yoga is named after the eight limbs of yoga mentioned in the ancient text, ‘Yoga Sutras of Patanjali’. Aries is a sign that burns a lot of energy in a day with the ability to accomplish twice as much as other Sun Signs. However they can also find themselves easily burnt out and therefore the practice of Ashtanga Yoga is a good antidote for the tired rams.



Taurus is ruled by artistic Venus under the earth element, a combination that brings out the creative and a gentle approach to life. Most bulls love to be amongst nature enjoying walks in the country observing the wildlife, as long as there is some gourmet food to feast on at the end of the day. The spiritual practice that fits well with the Taurus is the Pagan calendar festivals, in particular the spring celebration of Beltane when the Sun is at 15 degrees in Taurus. The cycles of the seasons form an important psychological security if fully embraced by the Sun Sign Taurus. The need to feel connected to the planet is a major asset for the bulls and any spiritual practice that allows the Taurus to celebrate that fact, will increase their ability to overcome any obstacles that comes in their path.



The twins are ruled by the planet Mercury,(the winged messenger of the Gods) the need for the Gemini to be constantly mentally busy is their asset and Achilles heel. However most Gemini’s are open to alternative ways, one spiritual discipline that I always encourage the twins to embark on is mindfulness, a Buddhist practice of meditation. The whole point of mindfulness is to quieten the mind, a major aspect of the Gemini personality is trying to get these individuals to slow down in life. When the mind is overstretched the nervous system can be strained leading to anxiety and insomnia. Once the Gemini is able to switch off their mind there is a real sense of liberation that can help them to reach more goals than they could ever wish for.



The Moon helps the crabs to absorb their immediate environments and the people that are close to them. Cancer individuals have a high level of psychic awareness especially with history and family ancestors. However it’s important that the Cancer zodiac sign learns how to harness this energy and to not let it dominate to such a degree that they lose touch of their own feelings. Any psychic development course or energy work is suitable for the Cancer; there is a natural affinity with psychometry, the ability to pick up information about the owner of an object through clairvoyance. The ability to clean ones aura and work with the Moon’s cycle from the New to the Full Moon will enhance their understanding of their constantly changing moods.



The Leo individual has a lot of energy to burn off, ruled by the Sun in the fire element, the need to be active on a day to day basis is incredibly important. From a medical point of view, the heart and the back are ruled by Leo, and these two physical areas need to be taken care of. One spiritual practice that suits the temperament of the Leo is Tai Chi. Based in Chinese philosophy with a strong link with martial arts, Tai Chi has many health benefits adding strength in posture and breathing. Leo is a sign that is highly creative and will love working in a group whilst involving themselves in a lifestyle that is attached to Tai Chi practice.



Virgo is a sign of the zodiac that knows how to look after itself, mainly because they live off their nervous system so much and have to learn to be careful with diet and exercise. These mercurial individuals need to extend in activities that take them out of themselves, this means not over stimulating the mind. I think that the Virgo’s are the natural healers of the twelve signs. Spiritual healing of any kind, including Reiki, can be a real benefit to the Virgo’s psychological rhythm. The Virgo is a sign that likes to give some advice and service to others, that’s why you find this sign prominent in medical professions. Working with the physical aspects of spiritual development allows the Virgo to recharge their mental batteries.



Libra is known as the sign of balance, ruled by Venus in the air element, you would think that these individuals would not need advice about lifestyle choices. However you will usually find that it is the other people in the Libran’s life that knocks them off balance. One spiritual practice that seems to suit the natural Libran atheistic taste is the study of auras. The auric field that surrounds the physical body displays a number of different colours that can demonstrate health, physical and emotional well-being. The educational basis of learning about the aura will help the Libran to understand how others can impose their insecurities on the individual, causing an unbalanced situation whereby the Libran can become indecisive and feel restricted. The spiritual aspects of the auric field will also help to bring another perspective creating better relationships with others.



The Scorpio is a sign that has two planetary rulers, Mars and Pluto in the water element, that fully understand on an intuitive level, the hidden meanings of life. Spiritual development seems to come as second nature to the Scorpion and therefore the inclination is to delve into a variety of esoteric subject matters early on in life. The Scorpion has a yearning to understand human psychology and the life paths we take on our journey through life. The Tarot is a divination practice that deals in the choices that we have and that we can take to move us forward. The Scorpio is able to use its inbuilt psychic awareness through the Tarot to become quite an expert in matters of the heart. The esoteric knowledge that is imbedded in the Tarot allows the Scorpio to delve into the hidden mysteries of life and the universe and question why we are on this planet earth.



The Sagittarius is known as the philosophers of the zodiac helping to teach other a broader perspective on life and all its riches. The archers are ruled by Jupiter, and in the fire element, this combination brings expansion and optimism to the personality of the Sagittarius. Being natural teachers the archers seem to veer towards spiritual philosophy for example Vedanta, Theosophy or Non-Duality. They enjoy study and taking others into new ways of thinking through their inspiring words of wisdom. The Sagittarius is also fascinated by other cultures and therefore incorporates this into their teaching methods and looking from an anthropologist point of view. As long as the archer is able to expand its knowledge to others then the Sagittarius can bring us all hidden treasures from the past and future.



When you read most astrology books they never seem to mention the spiritual aspects of the Capricorn, they are portrayed as the materialistic sign of the zodiac. However the Capricorn is a sign that displays many of the spiritual virtues needed to develop a relationship with a higher purpose. Ruled by the planet Saturn, under the element of earth, these individuals need a spirituality that is going to last, and have an objective to it. One spiritual discipline that seems to embody the need for the solitary and inner advancement is Shamanism, through altered states of consciousness, the Shaman is able to interact with the spirit world and power animals. This powerful spiritual practice takes time to learn, something the Capricorn is not afraid of, since taking the long view instead of quick fixes is a practice the Capricorn prefers.



The Aquarius has two rulers, Saturn and Uranus and both have an affinity with Astrology. The intuitive science of the stars fits in with the personality of the Aquarian, always looking forward into the future and up at the heavens. Aquarius is born under the air element, meaning that communication and the ability to pass information (that helps others) is strong in those born under this Sun Sign. Astrology is a key to self-understanding through a symbolic language and the Aquarian seems to have this inherit wisdom deeply imbedded in their sub consciousness. The trick is to unearth the latent creativity of the planets and the constellations. Once this is opened up in their life the Aquarian begins a journey of fulfilment and joy, bringing lost knowledge to others.



Of all of the signs of the Zodiac, spirituality is built into the Pisces personality and journey through life. The last sign of the zodiac means that the Pisces fully understands that the jump to the next world is but one step away and the veil between the worlds becomes ever closer. Ruled by Jupiter and Neptune (in the water element) their psychic awareness is phenomenal and contact with those who have passed onto the next world is accessed with practice and dedication. The Pisces has to be careful that it takes psychic protection seriously and builds it into a daily routine so that the Pisces is not subjected to other people’s fears and neurosis. The Sun Sign of Pisces is like the gatekeeper to higher worlds and therefore it is important that these individuals learn the art of self-discipline through meditation and energy clearing. This is a sign that is so sensitive to environments and those that it comes into contact with, that allowing time to recuperate and spend time being creative will help steady their energies.

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