Just like the seasons of the year we are all different and have special and unique characteristics. It has been proven that the season you were born in can greatly influence your personality and display in special ways later in life.

Scroll down to your season and discover what beautiful aspects of your personality were influenced by the seasons.


Spring Babies:

You always have a friendly ear for your loved ones. You enjoy helping other people and are often perceived as the knight in shining armor. You are committed to making the world a better place and truly good at heart! Your open-minded nature enchants everybody and it usually puts a smile on their face. You are down-to-earth, which is why you easily make friends and experience many great adventures!

Summer Babies:

You are very independent and easily solve any problem. Your creativity is your greatest asset. If you find time to be creative, you can finally relax and unwind. You are honest and would never lie to your loved ones. You spread good vibes wherever you go and would never let negative thoughts get you down. People love spending time with you because you are the perfect company!

Autumn Babies:

You contemplate a lot before you make any decisions. You always keep your eyes open and instantly spot every lie. You love having meaningful conversations with your loved ones – you find it relaxing. You want to share everything, no matter if it’s good news or sorrows. Everybody instantly loves your open-minded and likable nature. You’ve already experienced a lot in your life, which is why you always have great advice.

Winter Babies:

It’s hard for you to deny somebody a favor. You don’t like to find yourself in the center of attention but it is very important to you that everybody gets along well. Once you’ve let someone into your heart, you never let them go. You always give 100 percent. Many people love your authentic character and consider you their best friend! But you’re not just generous with your love, you’re also a fantastic host. People love coming to visit you!

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