The secret to making the law of attraction work is to pray to the Angels.

You can enhance your ability to attract positive things and situations with the help of the Angels.

You've always thought that getting what you wanted was complicated and required "blood and sweat." It is not so. Everything is much simpler than you have always believed. Just focus on what you want to achieve.

You must use the law of attraction principles, focus on what you want, and then ask the Angels for help, praying to them with a sincere heart.
If the law of attraction has not worked for you, it is because you have not activated the angelic power in your life.
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The Law of Attraction - Meaning

The Law of Attraction is one of the fundamental laws that govern the Universe and explains the ability to attract and manifest everything we want. What happens in your life is nothing more than the materialization of your thoughts. It is your thoughts that create your reality.

The Universe is energy. Everything in the Universe vibrates at a specific frequency, and the vibrations of the same frequencies are naturally attracted. You can draw into your life whatever you choose to think.

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So if you desire to create prosperity, focus your thoughts on wealth. If you do not do so, you will continue to experience situations that reflect beliefs of emptiness and lack of abundance.

When you focus your intention and attention on the thoughts and feelings of prosperity while imagining yourself financially free, you begin to attract abundance into your life. Focus your mind on specific desires - such as health, wealth, and love. In doing so, you set in motion the kind of energy that attracts what you wish for in your life.

As long as you align your desires with God's purposes for you, the Angels can help you manifest all your dreams.

The Angels are divine spiritual beings of love and light. They are your most powerful allies.

First of all, direct your thinking to the kind of success, peace, and happiness you desire.

Now ask the Angels to help you achieve your goals. Remember that you are never alone. Get used to thinking that there is a team of powerful angelic creatures in/at your service. You can use the presence and the love of the angels to heal your body, create abundance, prosperity and manifest your wildest dreams.

Get used to thinking that you are never alone and you don't have to fight alone to achieve your goals. Get accustomed to thinking that there is no fight to be undertaken.

Things and people come to you spontaneously because the attractiveness of your thoughts, combined with the angelic intervention that creates synchronism, will effortlessly lead you to what you want.
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The Angels become the invisible directors of encounters, lucky coincidences, and fulfilled wishes.

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