The Way You Fold Your Hands Reveals a Lot About Your Personality

We place one hand on the other before interlacing the fingers. What about you, which one do you put over, the left or the right?

The Way You Fold Your Hands Reveals a Lot About Your Personality

It is true that none of us has a perfect personality! There is no human being on the face of the Earth who possesses the perfect personality.

Surely at some point in your life, you have stopped to think about what would happen if you were less selfish or if you were more interested in socializing with others and even if you showed your true feelings to the person you love the most. Unfortunately and however much we want, our inner world is something that will remain with us forever, although it may change over time

Normally, people around us know or think they know how we really are since for years they have seen us perform the same habits and even repeat the same phrases over and over again. One of the most important points and to which we must pay attention is our corporal expression: there are numerous books and web pages that teach how to know our personality thanks to the gestures we make every day. Does our body language also affect this?! Of course.

We do not usually join hands for anything in particular, but this is something very common for example in people who usually pray daily. Those who exercise and want to release a little tension in their wrists also perform this gesture, the same as if we want to show a very original magic trick to our friends. Normally we place one hand on the other before interlacing the fingers. What about you, which one do you put over, the left or the right? Depending on whether it is one or the other, your personality may vary…

Right hand above

A study has shown that about 70% of the population adopts this tendency when crossing their hands, although the reason has not been revealed. Will it be more comfortable for us or have we simply seen that our closest friends did so and we copied the gesture? The mystery still remains valid. The people who usually do so are in for big congratulations. They are usually the best in the world, they usually think about the common good and are the perfect counselors when making a decision.

It is clear that there must be a negative aspect in all this, and in this case, it is a somewhat vulnerable personality and susceptible to the opinions of others. Socializing is very easy for them, but often their vote does not have the same weight as the others, so their point of view is usually not a priority. Apart from that, the hurtful comments of the others for them is something very difficult to support, since they affect them enough. Do you agree with what we have said?

Left hand above

The instinct of these people is legendary: they are usually the first to suspect if something goes wrong and those who realize that making a decision is something they will regret for the rest of their lives. If you tend to adopt this tendency, you will have realized that normally you get it right when you are at a crossroads, so your friends usually consult you when carrying out an action. Despite being a little more reserved, if you are confident enough, your friends will realize that you can be “the soul of the party”. The spirit of these people is adventurous, apart from the fact that their determination is legendary. Is there something that resists them? Well, they will not stop until it is solved or until they learn the best technique to carry it out! They are often interested in traveling, discovering other cultures and knowing. To these people, nothing gives more pleasure than to take a book or to watch a film, since thanks to them, they are able to move to distant worlds in which they can experience all kinds of things.

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