The Top 8 Signs That You Are A Clairvoyant

Only a very few lucky people are gifted with clairvoyance. Would you like to know if you are one of them and what it means for you? Look at these 8 surefire signs!

The Top 8 Signs That You Are A Clairvoyant

Do you think you are a clairvoyant?

If you often read our blog, you have already stumbled upon a few articles about the topic of having or developing psychic abilities. This time, however, we want to dig deeper into the fascinating aspects of being a clairvoyant.

First things first, being a clairvoyant is not an easy thing to find out.

Most things that happen to a clairvoyant can be mistaken for signs of a twisted psyche or a physical problem that manifests through symptoms (such as blinking eyes and seeing colored lights). If, for example, you see colored lights or flashing lights for no apparent reason, you might just think you are overstressed or very anxious. However, we have been taught that there is always a 'logical' explanation for apparently inexplicable signs.

We normally use the left side of our brain for rational thinking and the right for more intuitive abilities. The left side of the brain is associated with logic and rationality. The right side controls creativity and emotion. It can sometimes be confusing for us to find out which part of our brain is working on these aspects and to learn how to detect signs that apparently come out of thin air. But clairvoyance is a gift that is not given to all human beings. So, it becomes crucial to know more about these signs. We also must improve our intuitive abilities rather than just relying on a more ground-to-earth approach to those 'inexplicable' aspects of our lives when they manifest.

According to Physchics4today, “Clairvoyance means “clear seeing,” which refers to psychic seeing. If you are a clairvoyant psychic, you’ve probably experienced the gift manifesting itself in some way during your life…and you may not have even been able to recognize it for what it was!”

The first step of recognizing the gift of clairvoyance is when you become able to see colors, or swirls of light, or even start as being able to see faces in your mind's eye.

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Besides, many other important aspects point to a higher vision of our reality. When we start digging deeper into these topics, we discover things that were beyond our imagination, thus allowing us to have precognitions of the future, or of single events that might take place in our lives. Clairvoyance can also be considered as a powerful tool to expand our consciousness and to become more aware of the world we live in. What matters the most is that if we learn to recognize and understand those signs, we can put our knowledge in service to a Higher Purpose in life, and to benefit immensely from our gift.

Now, see which aspects and signs show that you are a clairvoyant.

The following signs show you that you have a sharp inner vision that can be enhanced, nourished, and brought to a completely different level.

If at least five or more signs resonate with you, you may be naturally clairvoyant.

Have you experienced five or more of the following signs?

1. Visual Psychic Flashes

You might think you are going crazy if this happens, but far from it – you're just gifted! Flashes of light and color are signs of the presence of your spirit guide or other spiritual family members. For example, you could see floating orbs or colored dots in the space around you. Glowing light around people surrounding you (this is their aura), shadows that appear floating in midair, glittering or flashing lights in the space around you, or movement and twinkling lights in the corners of your eyes.

2. Daydream Easily

Do you easily find yourself easily slipping into daydreams and having difficulties in paying attention to what is happening around you? Does your imagination or subconscious sometimes take over? This happens quite often if you are clairvoyant, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Clairvoyance has a lot to do with ‘seeing.’ Visualization is an important aspect of clairvoyance. It is a natural and spontaneous manifestation of the gift of being clairvoyant. You can easily imagine yourself in other situations, in other places, with other people, at a different time. That’s a clear sign you are a clairvoyant and not just ‘a dreamer’.

3. You See How Things Fit Together

You can see in your mind’s eye how things should be so that you can easily make them work perfectly. It is no coincidence that, for example, you do not need to puzzle over problems because, in reality, you are a naturally gifted problem solver. You are the exact opposite of those who suffer from a strange ‘disease’ often referred to as ‘Psychological myopia’.
According to reflectd, Psychological myopia refers to the tendency in decision-makers to focus on information immediately related to their judgment and to ignore other, less prominent, pieces of information. Because we, as human beings, often ignore pieces of information in decision-making processes, it makes us think short-sightedly.”

This is not your case. Not at all. You could quickly solve a complicated jigsaw puzzle in a blink. This is another great gift of being clairvoyant because seeing how different pieces fit together comes naturally to you! You need no magnifying lens to see reality for what it truly is. If you can solve a problem someone else has been struggling with for hours or days, this is a clear sign that you have the gift of clairvoyance!

4. Your Sense of Direction Is On Point

Photo by Thom Holmes / Unsplash

You need no GPS to know exactly where you are and where you are going. It is no coincidence that some people call you ‘human GPS’…You have the natural ability to see things in a way that others don’t because you go beyond appearances and can easily visualize the way that things are. If this often happens to you, you have just discovered another sign of being clairvoyant.

5. You Have a Vivid Imagination

Since childhood, people have been telling you how imaginative and creative you are. You have the ability to see things differently. You are like a powerful binocular, having a wider and clear perspective on the entire life. Both yours and of other people. This is another powerful sign that you are clairvoyant. Besides, you have always been able to develop your vivid imagination and being very creative in everything you do. You are the kind of person who often thinks out of the box, and if you do this naturally and spontaneously, well, once again, that’s a sign of clairvoyance.

6. You Appreciate the Beauty in Life

Some people walk on a beach and can see…just the sand below their feet. This is not your case if you are a clairvoyant. You see the beauty in everything around you. You can spot a starfish, look at the beauty of the clouds, sprinkle a small bird flying around you, feel the breeze from the sea, and on and on… Some people don't see all these things. Clairvoyant psychics do. Clairvoyants tend to truly appreciate the beauty of the world and the things around them. You might also adore home decor, photography, or fine art if you are clairvoyant. This concerns how strongly the gift is tied to your visual senses.

7. You Can Plan and Envision Things in Your Head

When you enter a room, do you often find yourself re-imagining that room differently? Can you 'see' what that room would look like after a few changes? Do you think you have a sort of 3-dimensional ability to look at things? Once again, this all comes back to how visual those who have the gift of clairvoyance are. What you can visualize is not what an architect or an interior designer would see. Instead, you have a more expanded vision of the surroundings and how different pieces of furniture can match. You see beyond colors and material objects. Because of how strongly developed your sense of sight is, if you are clairvoyant, you'll be able to easily plan and envision such things in your head.

8. You Have Frequent and/or Vivid Dreams

As we have already explained, clairvoyants are very visual people. What makes a clairvoyant a special person is that their sight is exceptionally active, even in sleep. As a result, those with the gift of clairvoyance tend to experience frequent vivid dreams and/or prophetic dreams. These may be dreams of things to come, or visions for a future that can be changed, or a person that is going to heal from a terrible disease…Sometimes they can also be dreams that anticipate the death of a person or a pet. Sometimes those signs can be very vivid. Some other times they might come in a more 'blurry' vision but still serve as a sign of your active sight and psychic abilities as a clairvoyant.

These are all signs that you have a sharp inner vision that can be enhanced and developed for the greater good. If at least five or more of the above signs resonate with you, you may be naturally clairvoyant.

Be thankful, it’s not a gift that is given to all human beings. Use it for the benefit of the entire humankind. The world deserves your qualities!