Unconditional Love: How To Accept Others Unconditionally Without Hurting Ourselves

Would you like to learn, once and for all, how to accept others unconditionally without hurting yourself and your feelings? Read on.

Unconditional Love: How To Accept Others Unconditionally Without Hurting Ourselves

Acceptance: How to make the final transition from the ego to the Oneness

The practice of Unconditional Love starts with the full acceptance of ourselves, just as we are: self acceptance does not mean that we stop trying to improve ourselves, it does mean that we start to value and un­con­ditionally love ourselves.

The total acceptance of ourselves in the pre­sent moment without judging things that happen, letting things happen as they hap­pen, is the final act that frees us from the ego: this is the unconditional surrender of the ego to the Higher Self.

When we recognize our Divine Nature and we choose to manifest it, we cease to iden­tify with the ego and we rely on our Higher Self, the Uni-versal soul that is the cause and purpose of our lives, the bridge that unites opposites, reconnecting us to the One­­ness and to Unconditional Love, be­yond any separation.

Judgment, attachments to our past, the fear of loss, fear of change lead us to attempt to control our lives and crystallize in forms that, sooner or later, produce suffering. The ego cannot live in the present, the Here and Now, because it continually produces pro­jections and fantasies, having the illusion of directing the flow of life.

But planning or not, life goes on anyway, whether we try to control events or not, things happen in any case.

True acceptance has nothing to do with passivity: true acceptance means that we stop re-acting through the ego, hurting others and ourselves, and that we start acting with Compassion and the power of Love. Accep­tance always leads us to the wisest choices.

When we begin to accept things as they are without judging them, we realize that every­thing that happens is Divine Perfec­tion and that life is always a blessing.

Yes! We simply have to say an un­con­ditional yes to life and everything follows. The future comes naturally to us without us trying to anticipate it with our fears and projections.

We lose in order to find. We forget in order to remember. We die a death in the ego in or­der to be reborn in the Oneness, until the end of all our duality, until we become Hu­man Angels: aware, compassionate mes­sen­gers of Love in service to the Oneness.

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Only when the mind is in a state of stillness can the ego surrender and our hearts can finally make their voices heard in order to be reconnected with our True Self and with all the wisdom of the Uni-verse that has al­ways been within us.

Our Higher Self is the master of Love, in our Higher Self we stop self-judging and learn to accept and love ourselves for who we are, beyond any judgment. We also learn to accept and love others for who they are: loving ourselves in the Unity, we love life in its entirety.

When we try to control our lives through the ego, we are human and we express only what we think is in our possibilities. We crea­te within the limits that we think we have.

When we surrender completely to our Hi­gher Self and we remember that we are Divine Beings, that we are Human Angels, the illusion of having limits vanishes and eve­rything, including miracles, becomes pos­­sible in the name of Love.

Remember this: when your mind is silent, you can listen to your heart and remember that everything is Love and you are that Love.

This is an excerpt from the book We Are Human Angels: A Crash Course For Angelic Humans by Human Angels - a book that has been spontaneously translated into 14 languages by the readers.

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