Have you ever thought of a person you haven’t seen for a long time, and all of a sudden they show up in front of you on the street?

You would immediately think ‘what a coincidence it was’, when, in fact, behind the veil of ‘reality’  operates a secret cosmic organization in charge of creating ‘accidents’. This is the ‘Cosmic Center For Coincidences Management’.

The Universe always finds ways to pair us with the people we are meant to be with and place us in situations that will have the best possible outcome for us.

It might sound strange to many, but, sometimes, in our search for the ‘perfect’ we fail to see the ‘imperfect’ that fits us perfectly. This counts for lovers, friends, jobs, opportunities…everything.

Usually, when people pray, they ask God to show them the right path or give them a sign. Well, guess what?! Coincidences and accidents don’t exist.

Open your eyes because these are the signs you have been waiting for for so long. There is no such thing as a coincidence in the universe.
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Call it God, the creator, universe, the Source, energy…name it whatever you want – it won’t change the fact that everything that has ever happened and will happen has been planned and created intentionally.

This is the Creator’s way to show it’s presence without really appearing in front of us. The fact that it’s subtle and hart to notice doesn’t mean it’s not there. we just need to learn to read the signs. The universe never fails to show us the path we are meant to walk.

So every time you want to reach a goal, remember that God already knows every thought and intention of yours and ‘he’ knows what’s best for you.
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What I want to say is, you shouldn’t feel desperate if nothing is going according the plan, it’s probably for your greater good. There is a master plan, which definitely outranks all your plans, even the most perfect ones.

What is most important is to have faith. Never stop working on yourself but don’t push it if it doesn’t work. Trust the Universe; it has all the best surprises in store for you.

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