What Are The Spiritual Benefits Of Silence?

Silence has many spiritual benefits. Learn more about silence as one of the most powerful spiritual practices.

What Are The Spiritual Benefits Of Silence?
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Simply by silencing our minds, we connect with the Divine within ourselves.

The Divine dwells within our space of stillness. Silence contains all of the answers to our search for Truth because, in the presence of silence, all questions and the questioner disappear.

The Truth is already within ourselves; it is already ours and has always been ours. It lies within us, waiting to be discovered; we need to stop chasing the truth or running away from it. Silence is the contemplation of our inner Truth.

This was taken without a soul in sight in the tranquil and beautiful upper peninsula of Michigan. My happy place for sure.
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When we interrupt the flow of our thoughts and break free from our inner noise, we enter our sacred inner space of silence. We begin by visiting our inner temple whenever we desire to be there until it becomes our natural dwelling place.

The deeper we immerse ourselves into our inner space of silence, the more intense our desire to delve into the silence of nature becomes.

We feel the strong urge to stay as much as possible in profound contact with Mother Earth, to be nourished by its purity and cradled by its silence. In the forest, under a starry sky, on the bank of a river, on the seashore, the silence of nature becomes the mirror of our inner silence.

Then we can listen to Mother Earth revealing, through its elements, the sacred mystery of existence: the Oneness of All. Surrounded by the stillness of nature, we let the silence unfold its peaceful power.
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At this point, even when we find ourselves in the midst of chaos, our inner silence remains the steady center of our Being.

When we experience the power of silence, nothing and no one can violate our inner space of stillness. We are always and everywhere surrounded by silence.

We appear to be alone among the crowd, but in reality, we are One with everybody, we are One with the All, and silence overflows with the fullness of our Being.

Like neutral observers, we learn to let our thoughts flow, without trying to hold them back, without judging them, and without judging ourselves because of our thoughts. If we stop feeding and strengthening our thoughts with the energy of our fears and projections, they become weaker and weaker until they lose their power over us. If we make our thoughts slide on the clean and polished mirror of our minds, they naturally slip away and disappear.

By cultivating the silence, we cultivate the Spirit.

Silence is the timeless ocean of consciousness. Everything that happens is nothing other than a ripple on its surface. As we cannot know the depths of the ocean simply by looking at the surface of its water, we also cannot know the depths of the Being simply by looking at the appearance of our life’s events. The ultimate state of consciousness is a state of being in which nothing ever happens. There are no longer thoughts: there is only bliss and infinite silence. When thoughts disappear, judgment disappears along with them, ending the illusion of separation.

Thinking belongs to duality. Love belongs to the Oneness.

Living in silence does not mean renouncing the world and detaching ourselves from life. Life is a gift to honor by living each and every moment to its fullest, with intensity and passion, while remaining firmly rooted in our inner space of stillness. Silence is the celebration of life and being at profound peace with ourselves and the world. Silence is not emptiness. Silence is not the absence of something; it is the fullness of everything. It is not the opposite of noise; silence is what you Are.

Love nourishes itself through silence because words cannot contain the infinite essence of love due to their limited nature.

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