What Does Your Birthmark Location Symbolize

Let’s find out what meaning birthmarks hold, in relation to their location on the body.

What Does Your Birthmark Location Symbolize

Curiosity has led humans to interpret many things from everyday objects. Assigning meaning to every symbol may have even helped us in our evolutionary process.

The interpretations can vary in different cultures but the common ground is that all symbols are believed to have deeper meanings.

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So let’s find out what meaning birthmarks hold, in relation to their location on the body. The location usually determines the weaknesses, strengths, and the obstacles the person will have to face in their life.

1. The Head Birthmarks:

If you have a birthmark at the back of your head, you may be weak-willed and may often have to put in special efforts so that you can be filled with powerful intent.

Left side marks can symbolize dearth of wealth as well as ill-luck in relationships.

People with distinctive careers in public offices or other such high profile positions usually have right side birthmarks.

2. The Face Birthmarks:

  • Forehead

Original and deep thinkers have their birthmarks on their right brows while extravagant and irresponsible people have it on the left brow.

If your birthmark is in the middle of your brows, you shall have no dearth of suitors for life.

  • Eyes

Birthmarks on or around the right eye bring you the money you didn’t earn while the same on the left side signifies a “man-eater” or “womanizer”.

  • Ears

Such people have acute wits and sharp senses and are successful because of them. They are also burdened with the secrets of others.

  • Cheeks

Mark on the right cheek symbolizes passion and commitment, in all spheres of life. Strong relationships come easily to such people.

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Financial difficulties, leading to hopelessness, often trouble people with left cheek marks.

  • Nose

Dedicated and creative people have birthmarks on their noses, and they often turn out to be artists.

  • Lips

Signifies a charismatic person with oratory skills to entertain their audience.

3. Hair Birthmarks:

These marks turn your hair white or grey, signifying wisdom. They often mark the good witches amongst us.

4. Neck Birthmarks:

Front: Great health and towering intellect.

Back: Great sacrifices will bring you greater success.

5. Back Birthmarks:

You are flexible with your decisions and are free from your ego.

6. Leg Birthmarks:

These symbolize a sense of dependence in yourself although you are very much capable of independence.

Marks on either thigh symbolize prosperity and luxury, along with a big family.

Travelers have marks on either of their foot. You believe in the power of actions, not words.

People with heel marks make and break friendships very easily.

7. Stomach Birthmarks:

Ego often leads you to gluttony and greed and is shown by birthmarks on the stomach.

8. Chest Birthmarks:

These are said to bring bad luck and obstacles in your life.

9. Breast Birthmarks:

Left side marks signify successful people with robust hearts, while right-sided ones bring good luck, along with bad respiratory health in old age.

10. Arm Birthmarks:

Men with arm birthmarks are home-oriented and women with such marks prefer financial independence outside the home.

  • Shoulders

Right shoulder marks imply successful career with great hard-earned money.

Left shoulder marks bring financial difficulties which we often fail to cover up.

  • Hands

People with birthmarks on their hands, either one, develop great skills, earning the respect of their peers. Artisans who are masters in their art bear this.

Hope we could help you understand the meaning of your birthmark location!

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