When you look at a rose, a daisy or a carnation, which of these flowers connect with you the most?
Have you ever thought your answer might actually reflect your personality? In fact, the Victorians even invented a language of flowers called floriography.
Take a look at these flowers, pick your favourite one and see if it reflects your personality!




You’d be the type who is described as deeply passionate and romantic. Relationships form your core essence, and your heart (rather than your head) leads you. Open your wardrobe and we’ll find pink and girly frills. You love tradition, family and holiday and you always strive for perfection.



You wake up full of energy. Nothing stops you and nothing makes you sad. You’re the sort who is always smiling, always infecting others with your warmth, and you’re the life of the party. Friends are important to you, and you’re stubbornly loyal to them no matter what.



Your friends would call you genuine. Others call you down to earth. But you see yourself as a simple person who is happy with life and aren’t too keen on big changes. Your style is pretty unique and most of the time you’re reserved. In life, you prefer to be real and practical.



It’s no wonder everyone loves you. You’re sweet, sensitive, thoughtful and you love your friends and family. Your Facebook is filled with pictures of your travels and your BFFs. Even strangers find you sunny and warm because of your great smile and shining personality. Life is great, and you wake up every morning ready to soak all that Life has.



At a party, you’re the one everyone is whispering about. Who is she, they ask. There’s something about you. Perhaps it’s because you’re classy and sophisticated; perhaps it’s that mysterious aura you have. But little is known of you because you keep a tight circle of close friends. Exotic, worldly, first impressions are important to you.



If we were sitting in a big group, you’d be the quiet type. But, once we know you, you’re a riot! Quiet yet witty, reserved yet intense, you’re the sort who likes to keep things private. And yet, when we know you well, we find that you’re the most loyal and best friend we can ever ask for.



Travelled to exotic places most people can’t even spell? Checked. Got a bag with a brand name no one has heard before? Checked. Spends Friday nights watching romantic films and are totally ok with not being out partying? Checked. You’re unique, you’re mysterious, and you love to explore.

Baby’s Breath


A child that never quite grew up, you’re the Peter Pan who remains innocent and young and heart. You go a little crazy sometimes, and people just want to give you a big hug. Fairy tales and everlasting love is something you believe in, and no amount of pragmatism is going to change your mind. A romantic deep inside, you’re always cheerful and happy.



What a rare gem you are. You’re the sort friends turn to if they need help. In fact, people are always stopping you from giving money to the homeless! Loving, motherly, kind, people can always rely on you for some kindness. In fact, helping people makes you smile, and you get even happier!



Oh, you sunshine. Happy, cheerful – does anything ever get you feeling down? It’s no wonder when you walk in the room, everyone lights up. You’re the last person to cry or be sad. Nothing stops you from being bubbly and energetic, no matter how tough life is.



At school, arts must have been your favourite subject because you’re exceptionally artistic. You’re calm, like a painter. You’re cool, like a composer. You’re steady, like a sculptor. It’s no wonder you get things done all the time, and enjoy doing it!



Your party loving friends cannot host a party without you. You’re vibrant and frankly, a little mad. The party starts when you arrive. Expressive, creative, you’re like light that draws people to surround you to listen to your epic stories.



Your sweetheart loves you because you’re the sort who is full of surprises. You love that look when people are surprised by a small gesture like a card or a simple thank you note. You have a great heart and listen well, and people love spending all night talking with you.



You read books like 50 Shades of Grey. You look at a mundane scene, and your imagination runs wild. Experiencing new things such as bungee jumping gets you excited! You meditate and self reflect a lot; you’re a dreamer who wants to save the world. You hate to wake up and do the same thing again and again, and routine simply bores you.

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