What Happens When You Accept And Embrace Your Fear?

How can you be a confident and fearless person? Is it better to accept fear than find ways to conquer it? What is the best strategy to be fearless in life?

What Happens When You Accept And Embrace Your Fear?
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Difficulties are trials that our souls have set along our path with the purpose of allowing us to face and overcome our fears through the recognition of their illusory nature.

Only by riding the tiger can we realize that it is not real and that it is only a paper tiger.
The white tiger
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We cannot escape our fears: the more we run away from them, the more life brings them back to us.

The fears that we do not face today will come back magnified tomorrow.
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Every trial in our life is a gift, an opportunity that our souls have chosen so that we can dispel the darkness that we bring in and make room for the light.

In fact, when we finally look at ourselves with courage through the mirror of our fears, we discover that what we feared only existed in our minds. Fear is the memory of pain (the past) and the attempt to avoid it (the future). Fear is always separation from the present.

Fear is also moving away from our true Selves, that is, from the Oneness. When we feel separated from the Whole, we believe that there is something or someone outside of us to be afraid of.

At the bottom of our fear is a lack of recognition of who we Are. When we feel fear, we deny our true nature, forgetting that, as an indivisible part of the Oneness, we have the same creative power as the Oneness.

As we have unconsciously created our fears, similarly, we can consciously decree their end and start to create only what we choose to create.

As part of the Universe, we can only move up to a higher level when we move on from a lower one.

Unmasking the illusion of fear is like passing into a sacred world, a new infinite space of consciousness that opens up ahead of us.

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We are magically carried towards a new vision of ourselves: freer, more aware and more powerful.

To transcend the illusion of fear means confidently opening ourselves up to love, thus making the abundance of its gifts fully available to us.

Where the power of fear ends, the power of love begins. There is no room for ego and fear in the Kingdom of Love.

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