What To Do When A Romantic Relationship Ends

It doesn't matter how old you are or how many relationships you've been in; getting over a breakup can be really hard. When a relationship ends, healing can take time. What to do after a breakup? What is the best way to get over a breakup?

What To Do When A Romantic Relationship Ends
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When a romantic relationship ends, it may be that we do not become involved in a new relationship for some time. Time, in this case, is relative: it can be short, long, and not matter.

This is the time our soul has given us to learn how to honor and love ourselves. A time for learning to stop begging for love and finally become the monarch that reigns in our hearts, where we no longer miss anything because everything has already been given.

It is crucial not to force time but let things happen: when the time comes, love will knock at our door.

Do not look for a new love: love yourself and let love find you.

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Only then will you realize if you have truly healed yourself from your projective mechanisms and lack of self-love. If the inner healing is ultimately achieved, you will pass through the fire of passion without burning yourself, unconditionally loving your partner with passion and compassion.

Healing our wounds, we rebalance and achieve the Sacred Union of our inner feminine and masculine sides, rejoining ourselves in love with love.

Regardless of whether we are male or female, or our sexual preferences (whether we are attracted to the opposite sex or not), if we do not harmoniously integrate our inner polarities, one of the poles will always interfere with the free, creative manifestation of the other.

Yin Yang. A cozy picture in calm warm colors. The symbol is richly decorated with flowers and abstract lines. ■ (RUS) Инь-Ян. Уютная картина в спокойных теплых тонах. Символ богато декорирован цветами и абстрактными линиями.
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When we heal the feminine side within ourselves, we also heal the masculine and vice versa, because when we rebalance either of the two sides, the other side also rebalances.

At this point, the two polarities of the masculine and feminine sides - that of the father (the energy of giving) and that of the mother (the energy of receiving) - join in love and merge with each other. Like partners, they dance together to the rhythm of life, alternatively driving the dance in perfect harmony.

Instead of looking for love, you become Love.

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