What Type Of Energetic Empath You Are, According To Your Zodiac Sign

In this article we share some interesting facts that will tell if you are an empath and the energetic type based on your zodiac sign.

What Type Of Energetic Empath You Are, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Every person has empathic potential and every single one of us deserves to try his chance and see what lies beneath the surface of our souls. The universe is a huge energy field and we are all small energy particles that form the giant multidimensional existence of all and everything. However, we have different and unique potentials and abilities. Our spirits have many hidden gems that we must find.

In this article we share some interesting facts that will tell if you are an empath and the energetic type based on your zodiac sign:

Aries: Fauna Empath

You have the force of Spring and Nature. Your energy runs in a very mysterious way and when the Sun enters your zodiac sign, you fight against Winter with all species. This is the time when all animals come close to you and this is the perfect period to establish a permanent connection with your spirit animal and find a way to become one with the Circle of Life.

Taurus: Physically Receptive Empath

Everything becomes materialized, visible and ‘hard’ for the Taurus when the Sun enters this zodiac sign. Taurus is the empath who shares strength with others and it’s visible. Taurus spreads positivity and in quite an interesting way that has ‘psychosomatic’ effects. People who struggle with anxiety or depression, even mixed with physical pain, will use your help when needed.

Gemini: Telepathic Empath

Gemini is an extremely sensitive individual who can actually attune to voices and vibes from all around them. This makes them telepathic empaths who can easily enhance this ability to both receive and send messages to anyone they like. The key is to feel free and don’t try to judge what you are thinking. Let the thoughts travel free. Telepathy is a rare gift and a powerful weapon. Use it wisely.

Cancer: Chameleon Empath

Cancer is the most sensitive individual and the purest type of Empath. We could title Cancer as the “Pure Empath” or “True Empath” as you guys have a natural ability to feel the ripple any emotion causes. It comes natural to you. Moreover, this changes you. Have you noticed how different you react when you change rooms where other people are? You mirror everyone’s thoughts and emotions in your psyche and this changes you like the waters follow the tides.

Leo: Psychometric Empath

It is amazing how much you can feel when you touch something which belongs to someone else. The key is to let yourself free and let the emotions fill you. Any item has a story and you can actually tell it. This is exactly why when you wear or hold something which is not yours, it gradually affects your mood. Have you noticed? This is a psychometric ability is unique among the types of empaths.

Virgo: Flora Empath

You are the only among all types of empaths who can establish a strong spiritual connection with plants, flowers and trees. You can be affected by their energy and your views and feelings for the world change rapidly when the Sun enters your sign. Botanics is your passion and you love having plants and herbs all around your house.

Libra: Emotionally Receptive Empath

Do you wonder why Libra is so awesome in social life? Well, because Libras have great potential to be an emotionally receptive empath. This means that you are able to feel what others feel and ‘read’ their emotions. This helps to establish strong and everlasting social connections, but in the same time, it is a huge burden to witness the evilness and hypocrisy in the world.

Scorpio: Medium Empath

Scorpios are naturally medium empaths and they are able to feel the spirits, the invisible events and strong energy fields, as well as Lightworkers and other kinds of spiritual beings on a higher level of existence. Scorpio is considered to be the best conjurer. Your empathic side should bring light in your world, despite the darkness you see all around you. Scorpios spirit is growing strong and manages to find a perfect balance between the 3-d world and the things above.

Sagittarius: Enlightened Empath

Always looking for what is the meaning of life, Sagittarius has an amazing ability to empathically sense the truth inside of us. Don’t lie to Sagittarius. They value honesty and straight-forwardness. Moreover, they can instantly turn their backs to one who has betrayed their trust long before the truth comes out. They are able to travel the World to get taught by teachers who speak of the truth of the World.

Capricorn: Geomantic Empath

Your connection with Mother Earth is exceptionally strong and you have the amazing ability to ‘sense’ what’s troubling nature. Capricorn has a skill to read the geomantic waves above and below the ground and sea. Capricorns are natural ‘feng shui masters’ and they have a perfect sense of order.

Aquarius: Gaia Empath

Aquarius has perfect empathic abilities. They are able to connect with everything and everyone. Aquarius is full of energy and has a cosmic insight. That’s why the name Gaia Empath is given to this sign- because of Gaia- mother earth, full of energy as the Aquarius’ spirit. Gaia Empaths have the unique skill to sense feelings of whole countries and even continents. Their cyber-empath abilities make them the perfect empaths.

Pisces: Astral Empath

Pisces has a strong connection with the stars and the outer space. You drain your energy, strength and inspiration from the stars, so you have special abilities to sense emotions before everybody else and even feel the emotions of others before they even feel it. Pisces are great in avoiding toxic people and handling unwanted situations that may end tragically. They make great friends full of understanding and compassion.


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