What Your Favorite "Hand Of Fatima" Says About Your Life And Your Personality

The hand of Fatima or hamsa, is a protective figure associated with shelter, fortune and strength. Select your favorite one and discover its meaning.

What Your Favorite "Hand Of Fatima" Says About Your Life And Your Personality

The hand of Fatima or hamsa, is a protective figure associated with shelter, fortune and strength.

The Hamsa is a palm-shaped amulet popular throughout the Middle East and North Africa and commonly used in jewelry and wall hangings. Depicting the open right hand, an image recognized and used as a sign of protection in many times throughout history, the hamsa is believed by some, predominantly Jews, Christians and Muslims, to provide defense against the evil eye. It has been theorized that its origins lie in Ancient Egypt or Carthage (modern-day Tunisia) and may have been associated with the goddess Tanit.

In the same way, the characteristics of your favorite hamsa could represent aspects of your life and your personality.

So now look at the picture and choose your favorite hamsa and discover its meaning.


1. Energetic and curious:

You characterize yourself as a willing, active, creative, restless and naturally exploring person. You always try to maintain a good attitude and you are passionate and excited about new things in life, be it a trip, a new job or becoming part of a new group. It is possible that much of your time is spent thinking about the future, so you can become a person a little anxious and worried from time to time.

Your main challenge is to control the intensity of your life and your thoughts. A peaceful and calmer life linked to the things happening right here, right now, is undoubtedly a fuller and happier life.

2. Creative, noble and sincere:

You characterize yourself as a person with a very developed sensibility that allows you to observe the particularities of the environment or to blend in and understand the people around you very well. This sensibility has endowed you with a special gift to create and for this reason, each of your areas that surround you or the things you do, carry your unmistakable personal stamp. In the same way, your sensitivity and your honesty, can sometimes play tricks on you and can make you feel that people don’t value you enough.

Your main challenge is to learn to accept and value yourself as you are, because you are a wonderful person. When you do it, you will improve your relationship with yourself and with others, because you will be a person who projects happiness and well-being.

3. Passionate and determined:

You are characterized as a person who makes great decisions. When you want something, you will always find a way to obtain it and there is nothing or nobody to stop you in your mission. You live your life with a great force and in some cases people could see you as someone rude and in some cases even intimidating.

Your main challenge is to find moments of silence to renew your soul. Although it’s not in your nature to sit down and meditate, if you could use the practice of reassuring yourself in silence, you will reduce your stress this way and have more moments of fullness and calmness.

4. Affable and peaceful:

You characterize yourself as a quiet, loving, kind person and with a huge love for your family and the people closest to you. In some cases you might think that the world is a very hectic and insecure place and you would like to avoid that world by creating a space of peace and tranquility for you and your loved ones. The way you are, you can be very tolerant and accepting to what others ask of you and in this sense.

Your main challenge is to learn the value of the word no. It’s normal that you don’t want to disappoint others, but when they propose something that you don’t like, it is preferable to present your point of view immediately instead of accepting in silence and regretting it later.

5. Consistent and idealistic:

You are characterized as an orderly, meticulous person, committed to doing things right from the first try. You think that if you want things to go well, it is better to do them yourself and at the same time that you frustrate the conformism of others. You feel the need to change reform what you think is not done good and properly, which could lead you to experience period of dissatisfaction.

Your main challenge is to be aware of your tendency to work beyond your limits.

It’s clear that your projects are important, but you can’t continue clearly and efficiently if you don’t rest or renew and replenish your energy.

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