Why Are We Afraid To Love?

Why are we afraid of love? How can we get rid of the fear of loving and being loved?

Why Are We Afraid To Love?
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The fear of love is a consequence of our ego.

Our ego is scared of both loving and being loved because it does not want to lose its illusory identity.

The ego appears to be constantly searching for love when it is protecting itself from love, as if love was its worst enemy.

The ego is afraid of being swept away by the unpredictable flow of love and losing its power of control over its little world.

The ego continuously erects barriers in the way of love and poisons it with its fears, constantly trying to exile it to the sidelines of existence. The ego is, by nature, fragmented, inconsistent, and contradictory.

On the one hand, the ego protects itself from love because it is afraid of reawakening the pain of the old suffering; on the other hand, it continues to unconsciously recreate the same situations that caused suffering in the first place.

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It is as if love, every day, invites us to sit at its banquet table, while we, rather than accepting its kind invitation and enjoying the abundance of food, choose only to eat the crumbs that have fallen from the table.

Sometimes the light scares more than darkness. The ego is more afraid of happiness than of suffering. It is more afraid of abundance than of deprivation. It is much more afraid of love than of either anger or resentment.

Where the power of fear ends, the power of love begins. There is no room for ego and fear in the Kingdom of Love.

A total commitment to Truth inevitably leads us to encounter our deepest fears one by one. A spiritual guide, meditation, and any form of spiritual practice are sure to help us to enhance the quality of our lives and to improve our ability to deal with unexpected painful incidents that can occur in our lives.

However, they cannot give us long-lasting inner peace and joy if we have not faced all our fears with courage and resolute intentions.

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We must first heal our emotional body, we must first dive into the depths of our fears where the illusion of darkness reigns to bring the light of awareness and re-emerge purified by love.

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