Why Do We Keep Attracting The Wrong People?

Sometimes it can feel like we continually attract the wrong people. Why? How can you attract the right person?

Why Do We Keep Attracting The Wrong People?
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Have you ever wondered why you keep attracting the wrong kind of people into your life? Maybe it’s a partner who doesn’t respect you, a friend who always takes but never gives, or a coworker who constantly puts you down. Whatever the situation, it can be incredibly frustrating and disheartening to feel like you’re constantly surrounded by negativity.

But why does this happen?

The truth is that the people we attract into our lives are often a reflection of our own beliefs and self-worth. If we have a negative self-image and don’t believe we deserve to be treated well, we’re more likely to attract people who will treat us poorly.

The answer is that you're calling out to them through your energy field.

The energy field emitted by our cells generates our emotional body: a non-physical entity that complements our physical body.

The emotional body is made of pure energy and is the dwelling place of our emotional programs. If we do not heal our emotional body, it will always drive us to unconsciously re-creating the same distressing situations that have already caused us to suffer many times in the past. Blinded by our inner compulsion to repeat the same experiences, we are not able to realize that we are recreating them yet again.

We are continuously attracted to those people who unwittingly activate our emotional programs.

Like a drug, it is as if our emotional body desperately needs to experience those particular emotions constantly. Similarly, other people are attracted to us because of our unconscious ability to activate their emotional programs in a specular and complementary way. So, strong bonds of emotional dependency are created.

Despite the painful consequences for all involved, they are extremely difficult to heal or bring to an end.
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Specific stimulation activates emotional patterns that our mind cannot deactivate. Even when we can rationalize and comprehend their potential for destruction and suffering, both for ourselves and all those subject to our reactions.

Our inability to control our responses originates from our emotional programs. We cannot filter our reactivity through our rational minds. To try to control our emotional responses is like attempting to contain a raging river with a poorly constructed dam; the strength of the emotional programs will, sooner or later, rupture the dam. The healing of our emotional bodies dwells beyond our rational minds. We can be free from the burden of our past only when we cleanse our cellular memory with love through forgiveness.

To cleanse our cellular memory means that we forgive, definitely and from the depths of our hearts, those who have hurt, disappointed, or abandoned us, starting from the oldest memories (those of our childhood) up to the most recent injuries. When we forgive, the past loses its power over the present.

The act of forgiveness is so powerful that it concentrates and aligns in the present the energies of the past and the future.

All the painful experiences, the legacy of this life, and many previous lives can be instantly changed in a moment of Absolute forgiveness.

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Forgiveness frees our cellular memory from the inner prison of repetitive patterns, the destructiveness of repressed emotions, and the poison of anger and resentment. Forgiveness heals both the spirit and the body. Every trauma of the past can be healed by cleansing the memory, resetting it through forgiveness, and returning our cells to live in the eternal present. Forgiveness also has the power to change our future. All that the future would one day hold for us if we were still trapped in the old space-time field can be transformed in one single moment through forgiveness.

In the Oneness, the healing of each of us is the healing of all of us.

Our emotional body generates energy fields that are connected to the whole Universe. They are even tightly linked to the energy fields of the people in our lives, in their role as our deepest mirrors. It does not matter if they are physically near or far; what matters is the reciprocal emotional involvement between us and them. Our energy fields interface and intertwine with the energies of the people we interact with on a regular basis: romantic relationships, family, friendship, and career.

We are so tightly connected to the people closest to us that if we could see our energy fields, we would not see them separately from those of our loved ones. We would see them as a blurred entanglement of emotional bodies. Because of this, everything that we heal within our emotional body also heals, as if by magic, the emotional bodies of the people close to us.

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When we heal ourselves, we heal our whole life too. The energies around us harmonize and coalesce with our healing process.

Healing ourselves and breaking the chain of suffering is the greatest gift of love we can give everyone, particularly our children and future generations. By forgiving and healing ourselves, we also help the energy field of our macro system, planet Earth, to purify itself. The whole world benefits from our healing.

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