Dear Angel,

please guide me to focus my actions on obtaining success beyond all my self-limitations. Help me release the belief that I am not good enough and make me confident in my abilities to succeed. Guide me to release all my old programming of limitation and privation and allow the natural abundance of everything in the universe to freely flow into my life. Let me open my body, mind and soul to receive the divine blessing of success and prosperity. Please help me to create wealth and abundance in alignment with my soul’s mission and manifest the kind of success that serves myself and humanity for the highest good.


angel holding round wreath statue
Photo by Luke Michael / Unsplash

And now, another Angelic Prayer for you:

An Angelic Prayer for the Protection of Family

Dear Angel,

I pray for your physical, emotional and spiritual protection over my family. Please, hold them under the shield of your caring protection. Keep them safe. Protect them from any danger and risk. Protect them from any negativity, seen or unseen. Protect them from dark shadows and hostile entities of the unseen world. Cancel all negative thoughts and actions directed toward them. Please, encompass my loved ones in your blessing and protection. May your wings be a barrier that surrounds them so that they may always feel safe and out of danger in your mighty arms. Please shine your light brightly upon them so that their hearts may always be lifted above any weight.


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