Your Favorite Card Brings You A Message For A Better Future!

Discover the message that your favorite card has for this moment of your life.

Your Favorite Card Brings You A Message For A Better Future!

Look at the 4 cards that are shown below and let your intuition choose your favorite. Please do not choose just to choose, choose the card that most appeals to you, because it will reveal a great message to you.

Next, discover the message that this card has for this moment of your life.


1. Card to believe and create

This card reaches your life today to remind you that with each of your acts you are building your reality.

It is possible that at some point you may have doubts about the ability to materialize your dreams, but when in doubt remember that you are an enthusiastic, passionate, courageous person and that your very nature is to achieve goals.

It is time to believe and create; define your purposes, visualize your goals and take your first step towards your dreams now. It is not necessary that you see the complete path, or that you know exactly what you have to do, it is only necessary that you take the first step with faith, that you maintain a positive attitude that allows you to be happy and grow and the rest of the way will start appearing as you walk. It’s your time!

2. Card for living in the present

When you feel sadness it is because somehow you are clinging to memories of the past and when you feel anxiety it is because you spend a lot of time thinking about the future.

Remember that the past and the future are nothing more than mental projections of what was once or what you expect it to be and that the only thing that really exists and belongs to you is the here and now, which is where life really happens.

This card comes in your life today to tell you that maybe you can’t change the past, because what happened simply has already happened, but you can always do something to improve your present and move forward into a happier future. It is your moment to release and thank the past because it built your foundations, treasure each of the lessons learned and understand that you are in the present.

Everything you do today with love and enthusiasm will manifest naturally in your tomorrow. Each of your actions in the present are seeds that will sprout naturally tomorrow.

3. Card of talent and commitment

You are known for being a person who knows that commitment and the desire to succeed are fundamental to build the life of your dreams and for this reason you always put all your soul, commitment and heart in everything you do.

Your main challenge is to be patient and learn to flow with life, because it is likely that sometimes you are a little anxious and question the natural rhythm of things. Remember that life is perfect and has its own timeline and all you have to do is follow it’s natural path and it will lead to happiness.

If you give everything of yourself in your life, you will always see the results, so go ahead, work with love and courage and trust that everything good is about to come, for the shown reasons and in its precise moment.

4. Card for kindness and balance

The universe operates in equilibrium. Each action generates a reaction and each act has it’s own consequence. If your act with love, prosperity, happiness and abundance everything positive will return in your life tenfold, but only if you allow it.

This card arrives in your life today to remind you that contrary to what we have been taught, there is the same greatness in learning to receive as is in learning to give. You have given so much and for so many years (kindness is in your nature) and it is time that you allow yourself to receive the gifts that life and the creative force are willing to give you.

Consider yourself a person worthy of good things so that good things begin to manifest in your life, because you will only receive what you think you deserve.

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