This fun test will help you determine how romantic and how happy you are when it comes to relationships! All you have to do is choose the heart you like best, and read the description below.


If you select Heart No. 1

You Are Generally Happy When You’re Dating Someone

You are not someone who HAS to be dating someone. However, you do tend to be happier when you are dating. You like being in a stable relationship and you enjoy spending your days together. You also believe that life can be boring by yourself so the possibility of you seeking love is much higher! You don’t have a personality that depends entirely on others, but you feel happier when you are with a good partner.

If you select Heart No. 2

You Only Date When You REALLY Love That Person

You are not someone who HAS to be dating, but also don’t view it negatively. You don’t believe that love is the end goal in life. You are not the type who settles to be in a relationship. When you start a relationship, it’s because you really love this person. You are happy on your own and you have lots of hobbies and interests that keep your life entertaining. Love isn’t your #1 priority!

If you select Heart No. 3

You’re A Very Independent Person

You are someone who won’t date just anyone! You are an independent person who doesn’t need to be dating to be happy. You know the happiness and freedom of being single. You like to make your own decisions and judgments, without relying on someone else to do these things for you. You also value “your alone time” and so you prefer to live alone. However, you are someone who is open to dating, if someone great comes along!

If you select Heart No. 4

You Crave Deep, Emotional, & Meaningful Relationships

You crave intimacy by nature so you really want to be in a relationship! You are happier when you are with someone and can depend on someone. This doesn’t just mean lover, but also includes family and friends. It is emotionally important for you to have stable friendships, family relationships, and lovers. When you are dating, you are more likely to feel happier than before.

Which heart have you chosen? Does it resonate with you?

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