There is a difference between good luck and good fortune. Good Luck is often a one-time event like winning the lottery, a job opportunity or a promotion. On the other hand good fortune is a continual flow of Insights and opportunities.




  • is Celtic’s good luck symbol. Each of leaf is association with characteristic namely, wealth, love, health and fame. Wearing a four-leaf-clover will bring you closer to your loved-one, you will ensure that no harm can comes close to you.

A good-known Euro-American symbol of luck is that of the



  • It is often associated with the properties to protect an individual from vile, and is known that is keeping the negative energy away from the house that has a horseshoe on the doorway.

The Budai or laughing Buddha


  • is associated with prosperity, success, and financial gains. Budai is admired for his plenitude, happiness and wisdom of contentment, rubbing his belly is believed to bring a lot of luck in your life.

Now you're ready to be blessed and Lucky!

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