The Most Amazing Inspirational Quote for Each Zodiac Sign

Today we’re focusing on the beneficial power of words that fill us with inspiration and hope. Let's see what is the best motivational quote for each zodiac sign:

The Most Amazing Inspirational Quote for Each Zodiac Sign

Words are powerful tools.

Spun the right way, words have the ability to captivate a nation and inspire countless others across the world.

A beautifully-worded speech has the power to fill us with inspiration and hope just as another can impassion us with shock and outrage.

Language’s power to influence is a double-edged sword but today we’re focusing on its beneficial powers. What is the best motivational quote for each zodiac sign?


Malala Yousafzai’s words on seizing opportunity perfectly reflect the Aries outlook on life. The quote’s focus on urgency parallels the impulsivity and dynamism of the Aries zodiac. In moments of doubt, Aries ought to heed these words and remember that the future is theirs to claim.


Nightingale’s simple blueprint on reaching goals almost mirrors that of the Taurus zodiac, as it clarifies the importance of grit and patience. As one of the hardest-working, ambitious and tenacious zodiacs among the signs, Taurus has all the qualities to ‘press on to their destinations’ and should read this when excuses pop to mind.


Blessed with the gift of the gab, Geminis enjoy nothing more than meeting new people and really getting to know them. Their communicative skills help others let down their barriers and speak honestly about their lives. When Geminis are finding the best zodiac qualities in others, they are simultaneously being the best version of themselves.


This quote works ideally for Cancer as it focuses on the interaction between memory and influence. Known for their tendency to live in the past and reminisce about childhood, memory forms a central part of Cancer’s life. This quote should help remind Cancer that they can create equally powerful memories for others with the right actions.

5. LEO

This meditation on limits is so perfect for Leo that you might it was the sign’s ethos. The shining sun, which is also the sign’s ruling planet, here reflects the positive, confident and proud zodiac attitude. With the right attitude, anything is possible for Leo.


This Vince Lombardi quote is very relevant to Virgo’s attitude towards life. As perfectionists, Virgo always aim to give the best of themselves in every pursuit even if they don’t always succeed. This quote serves as a reminder to Virgo to maintain the same intensity in the face of adversity because the eventual result will be incredible nonetheless.


The dualistic approach of this metaphor compliments the balanced nature of Libra. The spreading of light could refer to Libras’ desire to spread harmony amongst others while the two methods reflects the zodiac’s ability both to conjure love and to share it out. The quote is a reminder than to Libra that positive energy can ultimately never be diminished.


Fueled by their ambition and passion, many mistake Scorpio’s desire with craziness. As individuals who hold nothing back, Scorpios are ready to go against all the odds to and try the impossible if it means getting what they want. They’ll do what others wouldn’t imagine and are often well-rewarded.


Forever optimists, Sagittarius always hopes for the best and will do whatever is necessary to hit their goals. With freedom being their most valued possession, Sagittarius is not afraid to completely leave behind a life in order to move forward. The “never let go” phrase acts as a reminder to Sagittarians to keep their foot on the gas and to not let their laid-back personalities take over.


This short quote contains enough depth to be a concise summary of the Capricorn mentality. As the zodiac belongs to the earth signs, Capricorns are usually well-grounded and determined in all their projects. Their practical approach to life and their self-control means they often profit hugely of long-term projects and investments.


These famous Gandhi words form a message apt to be Aquarius’ ethos. Despite their reputation as a cold and distanced sign, Aquarius deeply care for others and constantly think of ways to help those that are in need. Aquarius don’t believe in limits and their humanitarian and progressive ideals mean they have the skillset to subtly change the world like our friend Gandhi did.


The humanitarian and spiritual nature of this reflection perfectly aligns itself with the Pisces personality. Rightly known as the most tolerant of all zodiacs, Pisces are selfless individuals who are always ready to help others without expecting anything in return. Such compassion and empathy naturally rewards them with life’s greatest joy: ‘true fulfillment’

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