10 Life Enriching Things To Do When You're Stuck Home Self-Quarantined

Here are 10 ways to enrich your life and not get stressed while you're stuck home in these challenging times of coronavirus.

10 Life Enriching Things To Do When You're Stuck Home Self-Quarantined

10 Life Enriching Things To Do When You're Stuck Home because of the Coronavirus

Coronavirus is spreading! It's forcing most of the people to self-quarantine to prevent infection and further spread of this terrible virus. It's one of the most challenging times in the recent history of mankind.

Most of us are now stuck home self-quarantined. Whether you are with your family or you are alone, we hope you are having a lovely time and you can take some time out for yourself, even if it’s just for a few minutes each day. We hope you can follow these 10 recommendations in order to make the most out of the enormous amount of time to spend in the house now that we are all stuck home. When you’re refreshed, you bring your whole self to the world, sending positive energy to this endangered planet!

When we find ourselves bound to the house, we can either decide to get bored and stressed all the time, OR to use the time productively.

Here’s a list of ten life enriching things to do while stuck in doors.

1. Create an acknowledgement/gratitude journal.

This type of journal is different than one to capture all your thoughts and emotions from day to day. This journal is simply to acknowledge the specific things in your life to be grateful for. Now that we realise that we have a safe home, enough food, the love of our family, we can start to express gratitude for what we have and that many others don't. Think for example of the homeless, or the elders who have no one who can take care of them, no one to call for a chat,...just plain solitude, and sadness. In time, you will have a collection of acknowledgements about your life and will have physical evidence of all that you do and receive.

2. Create a Manifestation journal.

This is different from an acknowledgement/gratitude journal because it is a chronicle of the things you wish to bring into your life in the near and far future. Once this disease is over it will be amazing to see the things you scribed in your manifestation journal come to fruition in your acknowledgement/gratitude journal.

3. Create a Vision Statement for your life.

A paragraph detailing your vision for yourself is an awesome way to culminate all that you want represented in your life. It is a great reference to look at each day in your cubicle wall or on your bathroom mirror. Companies have vision statements, why not the little peoples too?

4. Create/work on your vision board.

Kid of COVID-19, Coronavirus, social distancing. March 18, 2020. No school for at least the next three weeks, probably longer than that though. All the children will be learning remotely, online. Clarinet practice is short now, limited to 15 minutes in consideration of our neighbors.
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I have a well loved, ratty vision board that essentially has everything I wanted to manifest come about and now need to make time to create a new one. A vision board is great for the visual folks who need to see images to conjure up good feelings of what they want to have or continue to have in their lives. I grabbed images from the internet, magazines and even fortune cookie notes. It is a fun project to do with the kids, too.

5. Surf the web with purpose.

Surfing the web sometimes gets a bad wrap as a time zap. Now that you have so much time for yourself, surfing the web can be just for pure entertainment but it can also be the right time you can use to watch uplifting movies or documentaries. Sure, you can watch some series on Netflix or funny videos on You Tube because there's nothing wrong with entertainment stuff.

But when you’re surfing the net, think also about something from your manifestation journal you want to do a little more research about.

Perhaps it’s your next trip. Or, an article on the history of Ancient Egypt. Or, a study on a topic that interests you for a future project. Whatever it is, surf with a purpose to make the computer time count.

6. Guided meditation.

We are huge fans of guided meditation because it helps to guide the mind and body into a quiet state. Who doesn't need to be in a quiet state now that we're all stuck home in quarantine? Guided meditation reduces stress and for those of us who are spiritual, it brings us closer to our Higher Self or God. If you’ve never meditated, having a guide to help you quiet your thoughts is super helpful. Don’t feel like you have to start out doing 30 minute sessions – start with five minutes and work your way up. The people around you will benefit from your relaxed state of mind.

7. Listen to Podcasts.

High school student and elementary student using laptop computers to attend school remotely from home while public gatherings are cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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For your daily inspiration, listen to spiritual leaders and life coaches. Some podcasts to check out: Everyday Attraction with Rae Zander; Think, Believe and Manifest Show with Constance Arnold; Receive Your Life with Janice Campbell; The Matt and Phil Show; Flowdreaming with Summer McStravick. For the creative writers, check out Writers on Writing.

8. Exercise.

Get some second hand yoga or fitness videos, dance, or if you have room in your family room, get a small bike or elliptical machine and work up a sweat while you watch television or listen to some music - or a podcast. Whatever you do, get moving. When all this coronavirus disease is over, your good shape will be of great help once we all return to a 'normal' lifestyle.

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9. Daydream.

Now, this is something you can do while your child or wife or significant other sleeps or if you’re just bedridden. Allow your mind to wonder. It feels so delicious to dip into a daydream, and almost a letdown when it’s interrupted. Here is how Wikipedia defines daydreaming: Daydreaming is a short-term detachment from one’s immediate surroundings, during which a person’s contact with reality is blurred and partially substituted by a visionary fantasy, especially one of happy, pleasant thoughts, hopes or ambitions, imagined as coming to pass, and experienced while awake. Your mind needs a break, why not daydream?

10. Sleep.

This will be a given if you’re sick. Even if there’s no sickness in your house, a nap or a night’s rest is what your mind and body needs to recharge. For many of us, sleep is a depleted commodity and naps are great for storing a little day’s energy. You are going to wake up feeling a lot better about a situation or may even dream up a solution to a problem.

Sleep is medicine. Especially in these times, a relaxed mind is the best way to face quarantine and a sort of stress related to being 'trapped' inside your home.

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