12 Signs from Our Departed Loved Ones: Understanding Their Messages

Uncover the understated ways our loved ones communicate with us even after they have departed. Get familiar with the 12 most frequently occurring signs they send us from beyond.

12 Signs from Our Departed Loved Ones: Understanding Their Messages

When we lose someone we love, it can be a harrowing experience. It's easy to feel like our loved ones are gone forever and that we'll never see them again. However, the truth is that our loved ones who have passed away are still with us, even if we can't see them. As spiritual beings having a human experience, their spirit lives on after their physical form has left this world. This is true not just for humans but for animals as well. Sometimes, our loved ones try to communicate with us from beyond the veil. They may want to offer comfort and guidance or let us know they're okay. They may even like to warn us about potential dangers or acknowledge significant events in our lives.

While it can be challenging to accept that our loved ones are no longer physically with us, it's important to remember that they're still present in our lives in other ways. 

By remaining open to communication from beyond, we can keep their memory alive and honor their legacy.


If you know what to look for, you'll get the message they are trying to convey.

Many people can feel the presence of their passed loved ones watching over them, and it's not uncommon for spirits to try and communicate with us in various ways. However, doubts can arise, making it difficult to recognize these messages. Spirits often provide us with signs, which can come in multiple ways. It's important to keep an eye out for anything that seems out of the ordinary or synchronistic, as these spontaneous and direct methods of communication can happen at any time, whether you're fully awake or in a dream state.

All you need to connect with passed loved ones is the ability to be open and pay attention.

Here is a list of the 12 most common signs our loved ones give us.


One of the most common ways spirits visit and communicate with us is through dreams. While sleeping, your conscious mind has quietened, and you have less resistance through your thoughts, blockages, and beliefs – you're relaxed and open. Most people are comfortable seeing a loved one in a dream; of course, they don't want to scare you!

Spirit and angels will give you messages through words, symbols, and scenes that you can use as guidance for your life. Be aware that these messages can take time to decipher. A great place to start is with a dream journal, or at the very least, have a pen and paper next to your bed so that you can write things down quickly either in the middle of the night if your dream wakes you or first thing in the morning when your vision is relatively fresh in your mind.

If someone in a dream visits you, you will know as these dreams are quite different from regular dreaming, and you may try to talk yourself out of the fact that you had a 'spirit visitation' dream.

In spirit visitation dreams, a deceased loved one often enters the dream or is surrounded by some light. In the dream, while they may talk to you or ask you to deliver messages, they will usually offer some comfort that they are okay, everything is peaceful, and they made it to the other side comfortably. Symbols in your dream are used to help you to interpret the dream. If it's unclear what the message is, you should investigate some dream interpretation information to clarify further.

A dream that is a true visitation will be very peaceful, and you will know within yourself that it is genuinely your loved one.

You will remember these types of dreams in detail for many years.

If your dream is frightening or makes you feel bad, this is not a spirit visitation dream. This is your subconscious worries and concerns coming through. Our loved ones are always loving and positive, much the same as when living, but more so now that they are in the spirit world as they have no worries or concerns, have or are going through healing, and will shine with love.

Has A Deceased Loved One Visited You In A Dream? What does it mean?
These signs will help you know if a loved one who has passed away has visited you in dreams.

If, for some reason, you do feel a negative spirit coming through for whatever reason, all you need to do is ask Archangel Michael to protect you and for him only to allow the spirit of the light to come through with positive messages for you.


Number patterns are also very commonly shown to us by spirits and Angels. You will see the same numbers over and over until you get the message! Spirit loves to give significant numbers, such as birth dates, anniversaries, and other considerable event dates.

You may relate a number sequence to a date a particular person passed – they are letting you know they are with you!

Repeating numbers such as 111,222, 333, etc., seen on clocks, phone numbers, or other familiar places, could also have some significance to a passed loved one (like the time of death, for example). This is also a common way to receive messages from the Angels, with each number having a significant meaning of guidance for you based on timeless and accurate numerology.

Signs Through Animals

Butterflies, Birds, Dragonflies, Ladybugs…

Spirits can use their energy to be with us through the animal world briefly. If an animal does something unusual like land in front of you or on you, stare at you through a window or peck at the window, squawk at you as if they're trying to speak to you – any of these could be a sign that your loved one is around you.

Signs Through Small Objects

It is common for spirits to use objects like feathers, coins, stones, and other small objects that may have some significance to you or the spirit. Spirits place things in your path to let you know they are around.

If you find different things just showing up randomly, you may like to research "apports" (gifts from spirit), where objects appear from nowhere.


Some spirits move objects to get your attention. Does the same photograph keep falling? Is the same thing always being 'misplaced' or 'lost' while in your possession?


Spirits LOVE to play with electricity. After all, we are ALL energy! Energy runs through ALL things! It is common for passed loved ones to learn how to use these things to get your attention! This skill is more advanced, so not all spirits can do this. They love to manipulate appliances like flickering lights, turning the television and radio on and off, making things beep or ring for no apparent reason, and children's toys can start to play and move around. Ever heard the doorbell ring? You go to answer to find no one is there (and it isn't Halloween!).

If unusual things like this happen to you, someone might be trying to tell you something (besides the apparent message of getting your appliances checked, too, of course!)

Some signs are more intense than others which can scare people. If you get scared by any of these occurrences, all you need to do is talk to them and ask them to tone it down or show you something different – choose another sign to use!

Buzzing in your Ear

Have you ever had a high pitch noise in one or both of your ears that has just come out of nowhere? And no, I don't mean the after-effects of a big night out at a rock concert, either. It is quite different from that. Here, a medical condition is described similarly, and you may want to get checked too. However, we are talking on a spirit level. What does this mean?

Spirits run at a much higher frequency than we do (hence the high-pitched noise in our ears).

You can ask them to turn it down (or up). This sign can mean that you are "downloading" information into your subconscious, telling you to listen to what they are saying. How do you know what they are saying… well… you can get it in several ways. Look up the “Clair’s” (clairaudience, clairvoyance, etc etc). So you can see, feel, hear, or understand their messages – unfortunately, they don't send out a memo typed out neatly for us to understand. Perhaps we can work on that with them in the future.

Frequent Ringing In Ears Means You’re Spiritually Awake
If you frequently hear ringing in your ears, there’s no need to worry. It’s possible that you’re undergoing a spiritual journey and experiencing something beyond the ordinary realm of perception. Hearing these frequencies could be a strong indication of heightened spiritual awareness.


Synchronicity is experiencing two or more events that are unlikely to occur together by chance yet are experienced by occurring together meaningfully. Spirit can arrange 'signs' for you in this way. For example, you've heard the same name pop up several times in one day. You may have been recommended to read the same book by several different people. So many things contribute to synchronicity, and I'm sure you've already experienced it several times. These are signs you're on to something; pay attention. Receiving a symbolic message, sign, coincidence, or synchronicity – Synchronicities can be a sign of confirmation, of thoughts – of messages a sign spirits are watching over you! There are also a few other reasons depending on our own vibration levels (what's happening for us in our lives, relationships, etc.).


We can often tell our passed loved ones are around us by smells like perfume, cigar/cigarette smoke, particular flowers, cooking, or any other familiar smell they had. There is no logical explanation as to why the smell is there, others can't smell it (sometimes they can), but it seemingly comes from nowhere. For example, if you smell cigar smoke, and no one is smoking near you, but you can associate it with, or it makes you think of, your passed grandfather who used to smoke cigars – chances are it's him letting you know he's around!

Think of the familiar smells you associate with your loved one.

If it's not logical to smell cigar smoke when no one smokes in your house, and you're quietly sitting watching TV, it could be a sign!


Songs are a great way for spirits to trigger memories for you. Spirits love to play songs to deliver messages to you. Sometimes you wake up with a random song in your head, and you have no idea why you're thinking of it (not so lucky). Or you turn on the radio, and you hear a song that instantly reminds you of a passed loved one.

Aside from letting you know they're around, pay close attention to the lyrics; there could be a message for you.

Often, song signs are played several times in several places, but only sometimes. We know they are around when their favorite song comes on at the right time with the exact words we need to hear.

Sensing Their Presence

You might notice a shift when spirits are around you.

It could be a change in energy, a feeling, suddenly experiencing a difference in temperature, the brush of cold air when all doors and windows are closed, or actual movement.

You may feel like someone is sitting next to you.

A light brush of your hair, holding your hand, a gentle touch, a hug.

It can sometimes feel like you've just walked through a spider web, but nothing is there. That old saying you may or may not have heard of (when you get a chill or a sudden shiver/shudder) – "that felt like someone just walked over my grave."

It has been said by some that feeling their touch is most common in the days directly following a loved one's passing.

However, some spirits do continue to visit long after they've passed and let you know by using the ability of touch.

Usually, you'll feel a sense of love and peacefulness for no reason. It can happen at unsuspecting times, and there's no logical explanation for such sudden bliss. There's nothing to fear; say hello and thank them for visiting!


Spirit messages can come to us by way of 'thoughts.' Pay attention to any thoughts that 'pop' into your head. For example, you see a very uncommon bird in your area and immediately remember how much your grandmother loved this particular bird. Maybe she sent you this to remind you of her and to let you know she's thinking of you and that she is with you.

You might be thinking of your next holiday, and suddenly you get inspired to go to a specific place; perhaps it's somewhere your loved one has been before, and they're suggesting it to you. Your loved ones are just a thought away.


These are just some of the most common ways the spirit communicates with us. If you haven't experienced any of these signs, it may just be that you haven't recognized them, or you could ask your loved ones to give you a sign to let you know they are okay. It may be that you don't sense them around because they are doing fine, or perhaps they're spending a bit of time helping others too. Ask them to come to you as you sleep, in your dreams, and to wake you up after the dream.

The more you are aware of the messages you are given, the more time they will spend with you. Be patient and persistent.

Remember, when spirits pass over, they leave all their earthly worries and ailments behind. They go into healing and reflect on their learnings from their human experience. They want you to remember their whole life, not just the time immediately before their passing. There are many beautiful memories before that they are focused on and treasure.

They are okay and want you to be too!