Visitation Dreams: What Does it Mean if a Deceased Loved One Visited You in a Dream?

Deceased loved ones who have crossed to the light visit us in our dreams. Learn more about these dreams and why they are called “visitation dreams.”

Visitation Dreams: What Does it Mean if a Deceased Loved One Visited You in a Dream?

Have you ever happened to dream of your loved ones who died visiting you in your dream? Well, these dreams are also known as "visitation dreams."

Every time after these dreams, you probably ask yourself why you have that visit. Do your loved ones who aren't alive want to send you a message?

We first see deceased people in our dreams, guides, or angels because we are "in-between place, "between our Earthly reality and "the other side of the veil" called the spiritual world.

It is interesting to know that our rational mind and ego aren't engaged, so when we see someone who died in our dream, we aren't aware of that and accept that person's presence without arguments.

Visitation dreams are always a mystery and hard to interpret, so in this article, we will help you to understand them in the right way and make a difference between them and regular dreams.

What are visitation dreams, and why do we have them?

This kind of dream is called a hyper-intensive dream, where you see a deceased soul or your loved one. People with these dreams claim that the dream was so intense, like it is real, and they could remember vivid details.

Those who are open and aren't afraid of the experience of this kind can find the answers, closure, or insight into that soul in real life.

Visitation dreams are possible because, in a sleeping state, our five senses and ego have rest. In this condition, we can tap into the sixth sense and intuition to allow this communication to happen.

On the other hand, when awake, most people disconnect from their spirit and block coming intuitive information.

Besides, many people cannot define a relationship with the "source" and "freak out," so they aren't open to hearing and understanding messages or seeing visuals.

There are three reasons why these dreams happen:

  • A soul needs closure and express feelings to get the answer or resolve something that happened in real life;
  • Your loved one recently passed, and their presence in your dream is to show you their soul is fine.
  • A ghost visits you to visit. That happens when a dead person is on your mind, so they pop up to show you their presence or strengthen your memories. These dreams also happen to grieve people, and the ghost sends you a message that everything is okay.

How to make a difference between visitation dreams and common dreams?

The main characteristic of a real visitation dream is that it involves clear communication beyond the physical. This kind of dream doesn't have to be in words; it is often completely telepathic.

The presence of the spirit in your dream will clearly and to the point convey the appropriate message.

The visitation dream is short. It is often simple and to the point. But it is powerful and authentic, and then it is gone.

In these dreams, you will feel true visitations from the spirit, and deep in your heart, you will know the dream was real communication. On the other hand, common dreams are easy to forget; a true visitation dream is real and vivid, and you will remember it for the rest of your life.

It is essential to know that you don't always have a visitation dream, even if you see your dead ones. Therefore, consider your dream a movie to distinguish between ordinary and visitation dreams.

The subconscious mind is a director that selects who plays each role. For example, that can be a role of a victim, so maybe your loved one who died was once a victim in some situation. Or your mind asks for a role of a parent, so you feel the presence of your dead mother or father.

Your subconscious considers all the people you have known during your life, even those you consciously can't remember, and selects the best actor for a specific role. Sometimes the actor is alive and sometimes a dead person. The point is to have "the best person for the job."

Characteristics of true visitation dreams

You will make the difference between true visitation dreams and common ones if you know the following:

  • Visitation dream brings the feeling of reality and is very vivid.
  • You will remember the visitation dream for days very clearly and probably till the end of your life.
  • If you don't know if the visitation dream was true, then it wasn't. However, this dream looks so natural and vivid that you will be 100% sure you had it.

The soul that visited you in a dream will be healthy and behave lovingly. In a true visitation dream, seeing it in a sick or injured condition is rare. It will never be depressed, punishing, disappointed or angry. It will be "perfect" because it is reconnected with God/Source energy.

When the spirit communicates with you, whether verbally or non-verbally, it isn't because it wants to engage in idle "chit-chat." Your deceased loved ones always come to your dream to convey a clear message and then go.

The soul that visited you will speak very clearly, whether it is communicated to you verbally or non-verbally.

Usually, the message you get from the death visitor has the characteristic of "reassurance." The soul comes to let you know it is fine and wants you to be happy. Rarely will it come with a warning, but if that happens, the soul will give you loving support, and you will feel reassured by its presence.

After this dream, you will always feel love and peace when you wake up.

What to do after the visitation dream?

To interpret the dream correctly, write down all the details you remember. It will be helpful when looking back at your spiritual growth.

The next thing is to analyze the dream. Did you see some key insights or assurances to questions you had? Then, finally, ask yourself if you can find rest knowing your deceased loved one is fine. We are complex beings, and we must be aware that our layers of emotions get jumbled with the ego.

It would be best if you weren't afraid of these dreams. Try to be open when visitation dream happens, leading to the correct understanding of signs our deceased ones are sending.

Souls sometimes come to our dreams to show us there is life after death, whereas others return as a spirit guide.

Remember that all the answers are within you and your intuition. You are the only person who can interpret the meaning of the dream and the presence you saw there.


Visitation dreams are authentic and straightforward, with a clear message from our deceased loved ones. In most cases, that communication is focused on reassurance, healing, forgiveness, or your loved ones want to tell you they are okay.

It rarely happens, but if they have some warning for you, it will also be to the point and backed with reassurance and a feeling of love and support. Those feelings will fill your heart after you wake up.

You will be aware that you've been visited by your loved one, who is a spirit now. These are signs that you had a real visitation dream and that your deceased loved one is fine, sending you reassurance, love, and support beyond the physical.

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